2 espléndidas chicas de viaje, posan desde avión

The famous and beautiful american modelKylie Jenner really enjoys being able to travel in her private plane and on this occasion she decided to share with us how well accompanied she was, uploading a photograph on her official Instagram that she titled “Two Splendid Girls”.

This is a photo in which we could see the younger sister of the Kardashians with his little daughter stormwho of course was very smiling and happy to be able to accompany her mother to take a picture together for that great public they have.

The little girl will surely know famous which is why he sometimes seems to even enjoy the camera lens, something he had inherited from his mother, who is part of one of the families of all time.

Both pretty girls were dressed in comfortable exercise clothes, the businesswoman was wearing pants, a blouse, tennis shoes and sunglasses, of course without losing the style.

We also know that your daughter is always very well dressed, the sister of the new baby is very lucky to be so loved by her whole family, you can tell that she is a pretty happy girl and we also know that many of them have written about it on countless occasions on social networks, but the conclusion is always: she is having a great life


Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner was sharing photos of her recent trip.

Kylie Jenner recently also had a baby, so she had been away from the cameras a bit to recover, but on several occasions she has already shown us that she is back, she fought a lot to get to the point where she is currently and of course that we have to brag a bit.

Let’s also remember that the second fruit of love was sometimes called Wolf, but after an unexpected announcement we learned that he no longer had that name, possibly just Jacques Webster.

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