4,6 millones de trabajadores españoles no pueden irse de vacaciones ni una semana

With the start of the second fortnight of July, the date on which most of the summer holidays of the Spanish and the rest of Europeans traditionally start, 4.6 million workers have been punished by inflation in Spain and will not be able to afford a single week of holiday These figures are the result of an analysis of microdata from Eurostat, not yet publicly available, carried out by the European Trade Union Institute, the research center of the European Trade Union Confederation.

Despite the recovery of the tourism sector, which in Spain expects to recover 98% of its GDP compared to the record of 2019, the part of the population that cannot afford vacations has increased in more than half of the member states of the European Union since 2019 and the percentage of working people in this situation has increased in 11 countries. Total, 38 million Europeans will stay at home this summer fraud Romania, Greece and Lithuania are the countries with the highest number of workers who cannot take a week’s vacation.