5 cosas que debe revisar antes de salir de viaje por carretera

5 cosas que debe revisar antes de salir de viaje por carretera

Traveling by road in Colombia should always be a pleasure. Our country has diverse landscapes that are postcards to the world. However, the road network is deficient, as are our travel habits. That’s why we want to give you some tips so you don’t have headaches.

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What to check in your car before going on a road trip

Check the status of tires making sure they are not smooth, this could be a determining factor to avoid incidents. In addition, it is recommended to check the level of air pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Similarlycheck that the level of brake fluid is between the maximum and minimumIf you detect any unevenness, it is necessary to visit a service center to check the brake system.

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At the same time, Before making long trips it is important to make a General inspection of the car in an authorized center of service. Car maintenance at intervals specified by the manufacturerwill ensure that it works correctly.

It is necessary to check the level of Motor oilthe recommendation period for its change, in case of being close to the fulfillment of the mileage, it is preferable to do it before traveling.

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By last, make sure you have a spare tire, the road kit required by the National Traffic Code, road signs in the shape of a triangle in reflective material, the toolbox, a fire extinguisher and a complete first aid kit; as well as the current SOAT and the service number of your insurer.

To follow these recommendations in the Holy Week, surely you will not have to live a viacrucis on the road.