A Belinda le molesta hablar de Christian Nodal, asegura experta en lenguaje no verbal

After the end of their courtship and commitment to marry, last February, the so-called Nodeli have already taken very separate paths, after having experienced a tremendous scandal that, especially Beli, put them in the eye of the hurricane. Already calmer and focused on her career, Belinda has returned to speak to the press, but, according to an expert in non-verbal language, it bothers him to talk about Christian Nodal.

Maryfer Ryegraphologist and specialist in personality and nonverbal languageanalyzed the reaction of Princess of pop, Belindawhen they asked him about his breakup with the regional Mexican idol, Christian Nodal, with whom he had wedding plans, until February 13, 2022, when they ended.

Although always very mature, kind and polite, she answered the reporter’s question in the most attentive way, avoiding delving into the subject, and, according to the expert, denoted annoyance and discomfort to talk about it.

It was during her time on the red carpet of the Platino Awards held in Spain, where the beautiful interpreter of Love at first sight, Boba Girl Nice Y sweet betrayal She stopped for a few moments to talk to the press, with the accessibility that characterizes her, an intention that was broken once they asked her about her former partner.

-“Well, you’ve been in the press a lot lately because of your breakup with Christian Nodal, how are you handling all this?” the reporter questioned.

“Very well, I’m very happy… thank you very much,” exclaimed Beli carefree and very kind, to immediately say goodbye with a kiss and leave.

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To anyone, this may have seemed like a simple answer, but to the expert Maryfer Rye was a reflection of annoyance when bringing to the conversation the name of the interpreter of Goodbye Love, Bottle after Bottle Y Of the kisses that I gave you.

“Notice how even the gaze changes, notice how the pupil dilates, this is excitement, (when they tell you that you are appearing a lot in the press) they are called ‘bed eyes’… but see how the gaze contracts when they say ‘Christian Node’. There is a shake of the head from her, she is upset to be asked and immediately leaves. Here it is apparently a kiss, she covers her mouth as if ‘I don’t want to talk anymore’, she censors herself, I am not going to tell you something that I may later regret, ”explained the expert.

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Definitely, although after a few months have passed since the end of their relationship, and both are focused and very fully on their careers, it is still uncomfortable to talk about their past together.

However, Belinda is quite happy for his successful return to acting with the new Netflix series, welcome to edenwhere she is one of the protagonists, as well as her return to music with a new song that has been placed as one of the favorites in the different world tops, Eden.

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