A horas de presentarse, colapsa escenario donde daría concierto Gloria Trevi

Within hours of performing, the stage where Gloria Trevi would give a concert collapses. Images circulate on social networks of the collapse of the structure of the stage installed in the Baseball field in the Library Services Unit (USBI), in Xalapa Veracruz.

The news caused an impact because the mishap happened just a few hours after the start of the presentation. Through his Instagram account, The Loose Hair interpreter clarified that there was no fatality or injury after the collapse.

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In the video, the singer explains the facts. “Well today has been a very intense day, because something happened that we did not expect and literally the structure of the stage fell to be able to present Isla Divina, here in Xalapa and the truth is that it is something that we did not expect”.

Gloria Trevi said that no one is exempt from an accidentbut fortunately there were no injuries, “which is the most important thing, no one from the staff, no one on stage.”

The singer of With closed eyes clarified that the structure was completely new Well, he would present his new Isla Divina Tour.

The concert was scheduled at 9:00 p.m., and although it was initially announced that it was cancelled; hours later, on their social networks, it was confirmed that the singer will perform at 11:30 p.m. on an alternative stage.

Gloria pointed out that his staff was able to build an alternate scenarioto fulfill his presentation, although he announced that he will improvise the show, but he guaranteed that it will be original and completely new.

Until now The causes of the mishap are unknown.. However, the singer thanked her audience for her support and asked for their understanding for postponing the presentation for a few hours.

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