A propósito del ‘boom’ de Encanto, ¿se necesita carné de vacunación para ir a cine en Colombia?

‘Encanto’, the Disney movie inspired by Colombia, has generated so much expectation in the country that it is expected that this weekend and the following days the movie theaters will be ‘crowded’, full of children and adults who want to enjoy tape.

One of the questions that has arisen in this regard, especially for those who are not regular visitors to the cinema, is whether it is necessary to present the vaccination card against covid-19 to enter the theaters.

The answer is yes, as described in decree 1408 of the Ministry of the Interior, which regulates the requirement of this document in certain establishments such as bars, gastropubs, nightclubs, cinemas and massive events in the city.

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This measure has been in force since November 16 and is mandatory for all people over 18 years of age. It seeks to be a strategy that prevents a new peak of covid-19 and motivates the community to receive the vaccine.

Compliance with this rule is the responsibility of the owners of the cinemas, who must ensure it.

“Failure to verify the aforementioned measures and those established by the Ministry of Health by commercial establishments will give rise to the sanctions contemplated in this decree, to the corrective measures established in the National Code of Police and Coexistence, that establishes the immediate suspension of the activity”, states the decree.

Since last November 16, it is necessary to present the vaccination card to enter the cinema.

In which cinemas are they asking for the card?

Cine Colombia, Cinépolis, Cinemark, Royal Films and Izi Movie, in the case of Cali, have made it clear that the vaccination card must be presented to enter the theaters.


Cinépolis vaccination card

Izi Movie vaccination card

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To keep in mind!

– As of November 30, the vaccination card will be requested for minors between 12 and 17 years of age.

-At this time, children between 0 and 12 years of age are exempt from the decree.