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Aida Victoria sobre su mamá:

The Barranquilla influencer “is being honest on the networks” as she herself says, and once again shared details about her trip to Venezuela with her three million Instagram followers. She went to the neighboring country to visit her mother, Aida Merlano Rebolledo, and he has been expressing the impact this has had on his days.

After two years since the escape of the former congresswoman became known and after she gave her free version to justice, mother and daughter were finally reunited in Venezuela.

Days before, Aida Victoria had expressed feeling very sad about the conditions in which she was able to meet with her mother, who is a fugitive from the Colombian authorities with an 11-year sentence for electoral corruption.

In addition, the content creator said that she did not expect the effect that this has had on her. Of course, she emphasized that her mother “She is not free, nor is she in jail at home, she is deprived of liberty.”

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“A long time ago I did not feel that a situation was ahead of me,” declared Aida Victoria in the Instagram stories of her personal account.

She expressed that this situation, in which her mother is in Venezuela under the regime of Nicolás Maduro, has upset her in an unexpected way.

“I am alone in a country that is not mine dealing with a situation that I feel is beyond me,” shared the Barranquilla.

Some followers criticized that if he was in such a painful situation, he would go to the exclusive islands of the Venezuelan Caribbean, Los Roques. Given this, the “influencer” quickly expressed that she decided to travel to clear her head and relax, and shared a screenshot in which she tells someone that she feels very “busted”.

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In the stories in which he talks about visiting his mother, you can hear that his voice cracks: “I feel like they took her away from me at our best moment,” he confessed. She says that she and her mother had a contentious relationship, until recently.

For its part, based on the investigation against Aida Merlano Rebolledo, it is expected that can clarify whether politicians who are part of the Clan Char on the Atlantic Coast of the country would be involved in acts of corruption.

At the beginning of February, the Supreme Court of Justice had to reject part of Merlano’s testimony, due to a leak of the videos of the investigation, in clear violation of the necessary confidentiality in investigation processes.

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