¿Al fin quién manejaba el carro en el que viajaba Freddy Rincón el día del fatal accidente?

¿Al fin quién manejaba el carro en el que viajaba Freddy Rincón el día del fatal accidente?

A tragic accident took the life of Freddy Rincón, the famous Colombian ex-soccer player remembered for his exploits with the ball in clubs in the country and abroad. The death of ‘El Coloso’ de Buenaventura, as he was affectionately known, was announced by the Imbanaco Clinic on Wednesday night, April 13.

The blows and injuries he suffered last Monday, April 11, when the truck in which he was traveling collided with a bus from the Cali transportation system, called Masivo Integrado de Occidente (MIO), had left him in a state of health. critical that he could not overcome.

And there are questions: it still does not seem clear who was driving that fateful Monday morning when the events occurred. Since the news of the accident was known, the authorities and relatives of Freddy Rincón have mentioned this matter, but The mystery is not resolved, it continues to keep the former player’s relatives and his followers in suspense, as well as raising more and more suspicions.

Initially, the authorities pointed out that the person who was behind the wheel was Rincón, then they retracted and later resumed the initial version, to the point that the mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, referred to the issue.

“Three or four people were moving in the van. It is a reason for investigation, but it is established that they were Freddy Rincón, 55 years old; María Manuela Patiño, 20, and Diana Lorena Cortés, 43. Information on the fourth subject is unknown,” said Ospina.

In an interview with local media, Sebastián Rincón, one of Freddy Rincón’s sons, demands that the truth of the events be clarified and those responsible for the accident be prosecuted. Likewise, he stressed that his father was not the one who was driving the Ford Model 2015 truck (UGR 410 plates) at the time of the accident.

Rincón asks the driver, who is still a mystery today, to turn himself in and be honest about what happened that day.

“Let’s hope that God does justice, that the Prosecutor’s Office does its job, the only thing I can say is that my dad was not driving. That leaves me very calm, because in the face of false accusations the truth will come to light”, he added in his speech.

At first, the authorities did not rule out the possibility that Freddy Rincón was the one driving the vehicle; Nevertheless, As the medical reports became known and given the magnitude of the damage that Freddy suffered, the possibility that he was a passenger in the car was put on the table..

Likewise, on social networks, users shared videos and their own versions of what would have happened in the early hours of Monday; Some of them affirmed that Freddy Rincón had been taken out on the right side of the vehicle and that he was not driving.

In an interview with La FM, last Monday, April 12, the Undersecretary of Mobility of Cali Edwing Candelo assured that the facts would be the subject of an investigation by the authorities and that the reconstruction of the facts had been made to contrast both possibilities.

“We have several versions. We did an interview with one of the ladies. She tells us that, apparently, in her version, the one behind the wheel was Freddy. However, what we have collected from people who were in the sector is that he was lowered from the vehicle on the right side of it, ”she assured on the radio network.

The mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina Gómez, spoke out saying that the authorities were looking for one of the people. “We do not know him (the driver), we could not give truthful information about it. What I do know is that to the extent that we have information, we will provide it to the community. At this time of networks, new evidence and information will always come out,” said Ospina.

In its most recent statements, the Cali Mobility Secretariat reported that all the evidence collected, from photographs and videos, through breathalyzer tests, to the police report, was delivered to the Attorney General’s Office, since it will be this the body in charge of continuing the investigations.

One hypothesis that was eventually thought to be investigated by the investigative body is that of the presumed responsibility of Tomás Humberto Díaz, half-brother of Freddy Rincón and in whose name the van is registered.

“Tomás Humberto Díaz is my brother on my mother’s side. He is also Freddy’s brother. They were together that day, but the one who was driving is Tomás, according to what they have told us,” Rafael Díaz, brother of former soccer player Freddy Rincón, told the Blu Radio radio network. In addition, he clarified that the truck, despite the official registration, is owned by Freddy.

Rafael Rincón Valencia, brother of former soccer player Freddy Rincón. – Photo: Video screenshot

For his part, Tomás Humberto Díaz also mentioned the facts, which are currently under investigation, indicating that he was not the driver of the vehicle that night. He even stated in the newspaper The country From Cali: “I was never with Freddy the day of the accident. I was not there on the night or at dawn when the events took place. They are saying everywhere that I was with him and it’s not like that, that’s easy to prove.”

Adding to the enigma is the fact that in some videos circulating on social networks, two unidentified people are observed getting out of the vehicle after the accident and leaving the scene.

The recording, released by various media outlets and on Twitter, shows the speed at which the two vehicles were traveling – the MIO and the van in which former soccer player Freddy Rincón was traveling – and shows a detail: After this accident occurred on Calle 5 with Carrera 34 south of Cali, two men leave the vehicle and board a taxi.

Given this, the Ministry of Mobility explained that it is one of the versions that is circulating, but it is the CTI that assumes said investigation to establish fact from the traces found on the steering wheel.

The mystery lives on.