Aleida Núñez: las FOTOS más atrevidas de su romántico viaje por Europa

Aleida Núñez has monopolized the eyes on social networks in recent days because has squandered beauty and sensuality during his luxurious vacations on the European continentso this time we took on the task of choosing the most daring photos that the beautiful actress of “Corazón Guerrero” has taken during her expensive trip.

The actress born in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, has been in European lands for more than a week and as far as is known, made this trip after concluding the recordings of “Corazón Guerrero”, soap opera with which he returned to the small screen successfully.

It is worth mentioning that initially the actress was very careful not to reveal who she made the trip withhowever, he was the renowned entertainment journalist, alex kaffie, who uncovered during her column for El Heraldo de México that the also singer she was romantically accompanied by her mysterious new loverwho is only known to be dedicated to comedy, so, after this leak, Aleida Núñez published a photo with her new partner.

Aleida Núñez is enjoying a well-deserved vacation with her new boyfriend. Photo: IG: aleidanunez

As the 41-year-old actress revealed, his first destination was Paris, France, where they visited the Eiffel Tower and other points of tourist interest in “The City of Light”, later, the couple moved to the shores of Marcella, where the interpreter of “La Cosquillita” took the opportunity to show off her statuesque figure with daring bathing suits that allowed him to exude sensuality, just as he does on his exclusive content page.

After passing through Marcella, the actress continued her way along the French coast and made a stop in Saint-Tropezwhere he also wasted sensuality with daring outfits for the beachsubsequently, Aleida Núñez arrived in Monaco where he took the opportunity to visit the famous and luxurious Casino Monte Carlo where He wore his most elegant and ostentatious garments.

Until now, It is unknown what other countries on the European continent are included in Aleida Núñez’s travel itinerary, nevertheless, It is expected that it will be until her return to Mexican lands when she finally talks about her gallant, which, he had tried to keep secret until “things were more advanced” because he had declared it a few weeks ago, when he also denied that his partner was a cameraman whom he met in one of the productions in which he participates.


Aleida Núñez shines in a black dress with a plunging neckline | PHOTO

From the coast, Aleida Núñez conquers with an ideal swimsuit for any woman | PHOTO

From a yacht and with champagne, Aleida Núñez shows off the luxuries that her new boyfriend gives her