Alejandra Azcárate se abrió en caso de avioneta con coca: “Digan lo que quieran”

Alejandra Azcárate se abrió en caso de avioneta con coca:

In May 2021, the seizure of a plane with 446 kilos of cocaine camouflaged between face masks and other biosecurity elements was presented, an issue for which Azcárate’s partner was linked.

In the conversation with Noticias RCN, Miguel Jaramillo explained that the aircraft in question was owned by Fernando Escobar, who had been his partner in the company Interandes Helicópteros SAS, an organization of which, he said, he ceased to be a shareholder five months before the event.

“My only mistake was not making sure that my accountant registered these minutes in the Chamber of Commerce,” Jaramillo said about the issue for which he was involved, in a case that was in the media.

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Alejandra Azcárate opened up in the case of a plane with coca: “Say what you want”

Apart from the statements that were made in advance of this interview, Azcárate acknowledged that in the midst of the situation due to the scandal, he was blinded and collapsed. However, he assured that the questions against him arewith part of the annoyance that she provokes because of her personality.

“With me, eggs are not to taste, they are soft or hard; and that bothers some people, ”said the presenter, who indicated that during that period she lost 10 kilograms of weight, while her husband lost 15 kilograms due to stress.

The couple reported that they had multiple arguments, “more than 120”, in the period of 4 months before the case was disclosed and charges were filed. Therefore, they sought help, such as therapies and others.

However, Azcárate affirmed that “all this was a great awakening” and, after that experience in the case of the plane with coca, it became stronger, amid questions on social networks.

“Say what you want, we are already tanned,” he said, in addition to defending his comment about the basements of hell: “I love my phrase, it has become a popular expression. That’s what misfortune is for, for one to sharpen it.” Even, already in a jocular tone, he asserted: “I left the floor well mopped because the devil is very demanding.”

The comedian stated that now she laughs with her husband about the whole situation and even joked about her plan for Halloween: “I’m going to dress up as a plane and he as a stewardess.”

Likewise, he extolled the attitude of his closest friends because he asserted that they were there, while he criticized many of his colleagues because they “rejoiced in this”.