Alejandra Azcárate y su esposo hablan de la avioneta con coca de Providencia

Alejandra Azcárate y su esposo hablan de la avioneta con coca de Providencia

The aircraft, which He also had 102 million pesos in cashHe was part of the company Interandes Helicópteros SAS, a firm of which Miguel Jaramillo Arango, husband of Alejandra Azcárate, appears as a partner.

As soon as this link was known, the criticism and accusations towards the couple did not take long to occur, since the speculations were the order of the day.

However, neither of the 2 had referred to the fact until now, when they offered to give their version of what happened in an interview with News RNC.

What Alejandra Azcárate and her husband said about the plane with coca

The woman said that the news took them from one moment to another and that she surprised them in bed.

“We went to bed one Sunday being a publicist and an artist, and we woke up on Monday in the category of gangsters”, said the actress.

And he added that he accepts any indication by public opinion in general, except that of being outside the law.

“They have every right to put me in the category of a fool, a dull person who says nonsense, but never in that of a criminal,” he said.

In addition, he shed some tears when acknowledging that this scandal has even affected his loved ones: “My family is my most delicate fiber.”

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Husband of Alejandra Azcárate, defended himself by plane with coca

Miguel Jaramillo also had his space to speak and tell that since the seizure occurred, his daily life began to be damaged.

“It wasn’t just that moment, 4 months passed in which we had an argument every day,” revealed.

And he emphatically concluded: “I was not, nor have I been, the owner of that plane.”

Alejandra Azcárate and her husband talk about the plane with coca

On video, the couple’s first statements in an interview that can be seen in full this Sunday, April 3 on RCN News at 7:00 p.m.: