Alejandra Azcárate y su esposo hablan de la narco-avioneta

A controversy surprised the country in May 2021 after the authorities found a shipment of almost 500 kilos of cocaine in a plane that landed on the island of Providencia. The news initially pointed to Miguel Jaramillo, husband of Alejandra Azcárate and who had not spoken on the subject until today.

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Alejandra Azcárate and Miguel Jaramillo spoke with the director of Noticias RCN, José Manuel Acevedo, about this episode that completely changed their lives and put them in the public eye due to the seriousness of the facts of which they were accused.

What happened to the drug plane?

Initially it was thought that the plane would carry humanitarian aid to Providencia, but it ended up loaded with 500 kilos of coca, however, Jaramillo was emphatic in pointing out that the plane did not belong to him at any time.

“It is very important to clarify that I was not and have not been the owner of that plane, the real owner is Mr. Fernando Escobar, who at the time was a partner of mine in the Interandes company.

Unfortunately, the exercise of the media, in an irresponsible way, titled that plane as ‘the narco-plane of Azcárate’s husband’ and that is how it stayed,” he said.

What happened? I asked myself the same question for a long time.

However, documents were revealed that indicate Miguel Jaramillo was part of the company, which in turn owned the plane at the time the drug shipment fell. Regarding this, Jaramillo confessed that it is totally true.

“Unfortunately, at that time, I was listed as a shareholder of that company, but based on those documents that I presented to the Attorney General’s Office, I was able to make it completely clear that five (5) months before it happened and that nightmare for us, I was no longer a shareholder, nor was I a legal representative of this company”, he clarified.

He stressed that he was never a procedural subject in the case, so his subject would never have been legal.

Miguel Jaramillo’s “only mistake”

In the dialogue with José Manuel Acevedo, Alejandra Azcárate’s husband acknowledged that his “only mistake” was not making sure that his accountant recorded the records that he presented to the Prosecutor’s Office, in the Chamber of Commerce.

Alejandra Azcárate’s trust towards her husband

Asked if she always believed Miguel’s version, Alejandra Azcárate replied that at no time did she doubt her husband’s innocence and that she maintained a “total certainty of her husband’s honorability” at all times.

It is what has allowed me to endure this on my feet

Alejandra Azcárate, the name that went viral

Seeing each of the headlines in which his name was mentioned, Azcárate concluded that “everything happened very quickly.”

“I didn’t even understand what was happening. It ran like a movie and then very quickly I became blind and collapsed, because we went to bed one Sunday being a publicist and an artist, and we woke up on Monday in the category of gangsters.

The presenter also said that due to the significant number of followers she has on social networks, the controversy had an increasingly larger echo.

“For many media this was a dessert. They made a fair with my name, around it, and this became the tyranny of the click, all so that people would consume that content”.

She also confessed that she felt “a lot of anger and a lot of indignation” for what they had to go through with her husband, Miguel Jaramillo, because “Fernando Escobar, the owner of the plane, never assumed his responsibility, neither publicly nor privately.”

He revealed that the pilot of said plane, through his lawyer, sent them a message apologizing to the couple for what had happened, to which Miguel Jaramillo replied.

Did Azcárate get a taste of his own ‘medicine’?

It is known that Alejandra Azcárate has stood out for being critical regarding different issues of national relevance. Given this, she accepted that “there was that feeling of karma.”

“Not only have I been cynical or acid, I have been impertinent, arrogant, provocative, daring, because José Manuel, with me the eggs are not to my taste, or they are soft or hard, not lukewarm, and there are people who are shocked by that , more being a woman and I understand it, but I have never used my sarcasm or my work to shoot someone in a personal capacity.

For his part, Miguel Jaramillo pointed out that “87% of the attacks that Alejandra received were from men”, with which he concludes that “we are a country of machos and we cannot stand that a woman with attitude and courage really says things as They are.

The problems in the marriage of Azcárate and Jaramillo

Asked if this whole situation was the trigger for difficult moments in the relationship, Miguel Jaramillo responded through tears:

“Not just for a moment. I can tell you that 4 months passed until they charged the detainees and during those 4 months, every day, we had more than one discussion. In other words, we continuously had more than 120 discussions in that time”.

The presenter confessed that they have gone through “dark” months, for which they have been forced to resort to all possible tools, such as meditation, music, pleas, silence, walking, God. “All the possible links that one can stick to to survive in a situation as complicated as this.”

“The Cellars of Hell”

It was one of the phrases of Alejandra Azcárate most used in social networks in the context of the controversy over the narco-plane, it was even used against the presenter. However, she assures that she does not regret having said it.

“I love my phrase, it fascinates me. In other words, it is so powerful that it became a popular expression and I enjoyed being made fun of, because that is what misfortune is for, for one to try to sharpen it, but how do you survive?

I knew the very cellars of hell. The good thing is that there I left that floor well mopped, polished, swept, because the devil is very demanding with cleanliness