Alejandro Riaño dice que Juanpis no se acaba y aclara su retiro de twitter – Gente – Cultura

Alejandro Riaño dice que Juanpis no se acaba y aclara su retiro de twitter - Gente - Cultura

Recently, the Bogota comedian Alejandro Riaño announced that he would close his social media accounts for a while due to the criticism it has received in recent days.

Now, Riaño came out to clarify what is going to happen to his well-known satirical character from ‘Juanpis González’.

Through his Twitter account, the Bogota native stated that he was tired of receiving negative comments regarding his content representing “Juanpis González”, stating that people had not truly understood the intention of the character.

Nobody is proud of their land, only when there is football. This hurts me, and no, I’m not going, I’ll never stop fighting, but we think we’re the best and we just throw my (…)”, said the comedian.

Riaño appeared again on Instagram to clarify the doubts of his fans regarding his statements. In a video, he indicated that his decision was only a temporary measure and that he still has many pending projects with “Juanpis”.

I decided to get away for a while because of the many things that are happening in my life. Not just for what they throw at me, but it’s for a break and a breather”, expressed the Bogota.

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“The character is not going to go away yet. I have many things to tell, I have many things to denounce through the character (…) They criticize me because I have lived from privilege, but they do not understand humanity and they do not know me as a person to make judgments “the comedian clarified.

Riaño reiterated that the people who criticized him had not understood his true purpose with ‘Juanpis’, indicating that all its content corresponded to sarcasm and political satire, which has a much deeper background than just comedy.

Given this, the celebrity stated that he was not making fun of people because of their social class but was actually criticizing “all those people who believe that because they have power they can go over others. I have made fun of all the people who are sexist, classist, xenophobic, homophobic. That’s the end of the character.”

Additionally, the comedian explained that he will continue with his character and that he has been very successful with his series. Furthermore, he confirmed that he will have new international tours coming soon.

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Finally, Riaño concluded by giving good wishes to Internet users and invited them to stay connected to Juanpis González’s accounts, as interviews with presidential candidates and very interesting new projects would follow.

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