Alerta, estas personas y entidades son captadores ilegales de dinero – Finanzas Personales – Economía

Alerta, estas personas y entidades son captadores ilegales de dinero - Finanzas Personales - Economía

The illegal collectors of money from the public, through pyramids, false crowdfunding mechanisms, investment funds, WhatsApp chains and any other alternative, through which they offer attractive returns do not let up and, the worst of these, is that Thousands of people continue to fall for those false promises and lose their money. The warning comes from the Financial Superintendence itself, which He has just ordered Juan Sebastián Huertas Parra and the company Aletheia Education SAS to suspend the unauthorized collection of money from the public.

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Under the figure of contributions to a supposed investment fund or Crowdfunding Aletheia not authorized by the Financial Superintendent, said person promised the payment of fixed returns without reasonable financial justification and without providing in exchange for the real and effective delivery of a good or service.

According to the market surveillance and control entity, Juan Sebastián Huertas Parra signed an “adherence contract” and received the money from third parties, who did not give any instructions on the specific destination of the resources.with the promise of returning the amount contributed plus fixed returns in percentages of 20 percent over 30 days and one hundred percent over 150 days, without demonstrating the performance of an economic activity that would justify the payment of income.

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Through Resolution No. 0418 of April 05, 2022, the Financial Superintendence ordered the immediate return of illegally collected resources and prevents it from carrying out unauthorized collection operations of money from the public in a massive way, using any modality, either directly or through other natural or legal persons.

Besides, you must remove from all means of communication used or through another person, including public or private profiles on social networksany term, word or allusion by which the general public and its clients may be misunderstood, that they are authorized to manage investment funds and/or carry out crowdfunding activities.


The Superfinanciera reminded citizens that: “In Colombia, the administration of investment funds is an activity of the stock market, so it can only be carried out by entities incorporated in the national territory and under the supervision of the State.”

Besides, drew attention to other ways of stealing money from the unwary, among which false surveillance or false lenders stand out that make credit offers without major requirements and in which they generally require the advance delivery of money as a condition to make the disbursement of the alleged loan.

In this form of deception they illegally use names of supervised entities or recognized companies, false communications from the Financial Superintendence of Colombia -SFC- and even present themselves as being supervised by that control body without being so. “About 20 weekly inquiries are received about this type of fraud,” sources consulted from the entity specified.

Regarding business models or firms, promotion on social networks and web pages stands out, or even through Influencers who invite people to join supposed funds that they call “investment” announcing the payment of striking returns in a period. short of time

They tend to present them as structured businesses with the subscription of contracts and in some cases they present investments in digital assets that attract attention due to the high rates they offer (20 percent in one month, 100 percent in 150 days), but that often ends being a fraud.

Within the business modalities that appear on the internet or through applications there are those that offer high returns for carrying out digital marketing tasks or supposed digital marketing jobs in which people lend their bank accounts to disperse the supposed commissions but, at the same time, they charge a membership and from said payment they determine the supposed returns.

A membership marketing scheme has also been detected to access high returns based on alleged arbitrage operations and mining of crypto assets in which they offer additional benefits for incorporating new people but in the end the platform is closed without providing more information or saying that They were victims of hacking.

In addition, irregular offers circulate to supposedly operate or invest in Forex through platforms whose jurisdiction is unknown and that are not under the surveillance of any competent authority either in Colombia or abroad, in which they offer fixed returns combined with referral schemes and prizes such as trips, vehicles or luxury items.

Fraud also occurs through construction and real estate businesses, in which they receive mutual resources to supposedly finance a work or business models in which citizens are invited to deliver sums of money to support third-party undertakings in exchange for obtaining an apparent return.