Alerta Uruguay: Valverde y Real Madrid reciben grave acusación tras eliminar a Chelsea de la Champions

Alerta Uruguay: Valverde y Real Madrid reciben grave acusación tras eliminar a Chelsea de la Champions

Fede Valverde gets into the semifinals of the Champions League with Real Madrid

With Fede Valverde as the starter, Real Madrid achieved the epic. In a tie that seemed settled after 1-3 in the first leg, Real Madrid fell 0-3 down at the Santiago Bernabéu.

After a goal from Rodrygo, they managed to go into extra time. The tie ended in 120 minutes with a score of 2-3. Benzema scored the goal that qualified Madrid after an assist from Vinicius.

After the match ended, Tomás Tuchel, Chelsea coach, praised the work of his players, said that the white club did not deserve to go through and hit Carlo Ancelotti at a press conference.

“When the match finished I saw the referee laughing with Ancelotti and it seemed to me in very bad taste. I went to shake his hand after a tough defeat and I found him there laughing with the rival coach, with Ancelotti, who is a gentleman. seems good”, visibly annoyed the German launched.

The DT did not stop in his venting against the referee and claimed to feel “Frustration with the disallowed goal. But I also felt frustration in the first leg. I didn’t see the goal, honestly. I was surprised that the referee, who is the leader, didn’t go to see if it was a handball or not. Marciniak, who is very good, should have see the goal. We deserved to play more minutes too, but maybe that’s asking too much”Thomas commented.

For his part, Ancelotti did not address this situation at the end of the match and limited himself to talking about his team and the sensations that this classification leaves behind. He was calm and happy with the energy put in by his direction.

“We have won this tie thanks to the energy. I made the changes to put energy. The team has suffered a lot and all the players have shown their faces. We didn’t deserve to be 2-0. We suffered from set pieces because we didn’t have Militao. We had difficulties, after 2-0 we had a psychological downturn, but the magic of the stadium has helped us a lot again. The more you suffer, the happier I am”.