Amada Rosa Pérez habla del drama que vive por biopolímeros

Amada Rosa Pérez habla del drama que vive por biopolímeros

Aesthetic interventions with biopolymers do not cease to cause controversy in the world of entertainment, taking into account that there are already several celebrities who have said they have problems in their buttocks after months, even years, of undergoing this operation; One of them is Amada Rosa Pérez, a former actress remembered for her appearance in the successful novel The coastal and the cachaco.

Pérez assured, in conversation with the program Networkwhat the operation, performed 25 years ago, began to seriously affect his health in recent months.

“Until two years ago I knew that I had bioalcamid (…) because one is closed with vanity, one is closed and one does not think (…) Suddenly they did tell me that they were going to inject me, but I did not even listen, “he indicated in the interview.

According to her statement, the ex-model also began to feel discomfort in her muscles with increasingly severe pain and constant cramps, which she decided to ignore, thinking that it was a normal situation in life and over the years. Nevertheless, It was in 2020 when the symptoms worsened, even causing torticollis and signs of numbness in his upper limbs.

“My hands would go numb, my hands would sprain, all these (arms) would go numb, they would bend over me, they would sprain at night (…) A tiredness and a fatigue that I could not explain to myself, until a moment in which I was practically invalid,” Pérez said.

Even with this, she had not decided to go to a doctor to see what was happening in her body, until a friend who knew her situation and her past with cosmetic surgeries ended up connecting the dots. For this, Without thinking twice, he recommended that she visit an expert, since it was most likely that the biopolymers were responsible for her condition.

“I had the surgery that is in the form of an open butterfly, which opens my tail like a book, they mutilated me impressively and it is still inflamed. I think I should have another surgery,” she added.

However, the ‘hell’ does not end there. In addition to the problem in his buttocks, his bust was also compromised due to a bad procedure performed when he was 19 years old, so it was necessary to remove the breast implants that already generated a burning sensation in her chest.

“A surgeon, without my authorization, put a chin on me and when I woke up they told me: ‘I put a chin on you’. And I have to remove it because that decalcifies the entire bone, ”he added in the middle of the conversation.

Faced with this reality that today afflicts her health and that does not allow her to do all the activities she would like to do, Pérez decided to end with a message of courage and self-love for all the women who listen and want to accept her words. For her, it is important that all people learn to love themselves as they are, because it is their ‘defects’ that make them unique; In addition, they avoid suffering in the future due to failed aesthetic operations.

“We have to accept ourselves as God made us (…) We have to accept ourselves as we are because all this vanity leads us to disfigure ourselves,” the famous woman concluded, emphasizing that what happened to her, more than a tragedy, should be seen as an example of everything that should not be done on the way to find beauty and satisfaction in body aesthetics.