América de Cali Noticias HOY: Nuevos fichajes, recambios y salidas

Osorio’s bad campaign in America is over. After several months of conflicts with the fans and the directives, the coach from Risaralda left the red box. A new strategist will arrive in Cascajal to take charge of ‘The Red Devils’‘ and although there is no official word, most versions suggest that the replacement could be Alejandro Guimaraes.

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Without an official confirmation from the new boss of the red bench, the team of Cali He is already thinking of several exits for the Caleño team’s payroll. Several players who have had quite discreet performances and would not continue in the Valle del Cauca team for the following season. The dance of names has begun and the American bias points to several candidates to get out of the scarlet house.

Three players who would not continue in America

The first of those postulated by the American fans would be Juan Sebastian Osorio the son of the former American coach arrived at the request of his father and until now It has not had greater relevance in the team. Another of those mentioned by the American bias is Larry Angle, the midfielder has had some outstanding encounters, but his constant errors in the defensive zone have caused him two expulsions consecutive in the last dates of the bet play leaguesituation that harmed the American team in their duels against Cali and Patriots.

The last of those mentioned is the newcomer Iago Falque, the Spaniard has shown quality and good level in the few minutes on the pitch. However, the doubts go through his physical conditionThe European seems not to be in the form to reach his best level and from the fans the first questions about his signing are already sounding.

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The truth is that in America nothing is defined. The changes in the squad will depend on the new coach and the intention of the board in its project for the second semester. It is important to remember that with the compensation paid to Juan Carlos Osorio surely The Caleño team will not have big signings for the second semester.