Andy Rivera desmintió tener una relación con Lina Tejeiro

Andy Rivera desmintió tener una relación con Lina Tejeiro

If there is something that arouses curiosity in social networks, it is the sentimental life of both Andy Rivera and Lina TejeiroWell, the relationship they had a few years ago was very mediatic and the followers have been asking for a long time to start reconciliation plans.

Rumors have grown in recent days due to several clandestine meetings that both have held.. Although neither of them confirms it, there are signs that would indicate that they would have seen each other on different occasions.even on trips. The latest information about Andy and Lina revealed that they had a short vacation in Mexico.

To increase suspicion the actress and the singer returned to follow each other on social networks and naivelyThey reposted romantic tweets, which netizens related as indirect between them.

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Everything seemed to be heading for Lina and Andy to announce the return of their love; However, it was the Pereiran singer who extinguished that flame and cut off the illusion of many to see them together again.

Through your Instagram storiesRivera answered questions from his followers and one of them asked him if he was ready for a new relationship, to which the artist replied.

“I think my people that this will take timeThere is a lot to heal, I still have a lot to learn, to love myself, many personal things to deal with, to be able to share my life with someone else, “he said.

For now, Andy Rivera will dedicate himself to continuing his musical career, because these days he is releasing a new single and has various commitments such as interviews, concerts and autograph signings. What is clear is that he will spend a good time to see him again with Lina or with another person, because contracting a romantic relationship is not in the singer’s plans.