Andy Rivera y Lina Tejeiro: da nuevas pistas de su vida amorosa

Andy Rivera y Lina Tejeiro: da nuevas pistas de su vida amorosa

Much has been speculated in recent weeks about a possible reconciliation between Andy Rivera and Lina Tejeiro, one of the most famous couples of the Colombian show business that ended their romantic relationship for more than three years, but that in recent weeks has excited fans with a new love approach.

Through social networks, some evidence that has revealed gossip accounts would show that the artists were together in Miami and even stayed in the same room, while in turn, some hints on social networks of the two famous and that If they followed each other again in their accounts, they would realize that there are still traces of the love they had.

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Andy Rivera finally talks about his love life

Despite the fact that many already took the couple’s reconciliation for granted and were waiting only for confirmation, the singer recently appeared on his social networks and left more than one deflated when talking about his sentimental situation and how close he is. to resume a relationship.

“I think my people that this will take timeThere is a lot to heal, I still have a lot to learn, to love myself, many personal things to deal with, to be able to share my life with someone else, “he said through his Instagram account.

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Until now, Lina Tejeiro has not commented on the matter, but the reggaeton singer’s statements would indicate that their reconciliation would be far from taking place and that the latest versions would only be speculation. For now, each of the celebrities is dedicated to their professional projects.