Angelique Boyer posa sobre patines con mini short y bañador

Angelique Boyer posa sobre patines con mini short y bañador

The soap opera actress always leaves her followers speechless, and boy, did she raise the level today, since she shared a photograph with which she raised sighs about roller skates Wearing mini shorts and a white swimsuit, she showed off her charms.

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Angelique Boyer integrated today’s outfit with a white swimsuit with an opening in the center, a detail that revealed her marked abdomen. This garment was combined with a denim mini shorts that highlighted her toned legs, it shows that she is a fan of exercise.

But without a doubt what caused the most novelty was that she is posing on four-wheel skates, which were white with aqua green rims. Their hair He wore it collected this time with a low ponytail, in addition to adding long leaf-shaped earrings and white-framed glasses.

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These photographs are divine, since the first one is in one direction posing towards the camera, and the second one has more movement, since it seems that it is dancing on her fabulous skates. Immediately his followers began to fill this publication with compliments and hearts.

Although this was not the only one that left us surprised, we were intrigued with a story that he shared, where a seagull is seen flying along the beaches of Estepona In Spain, apparently the actress is enjoying foreign lands.

Envy your trip, how nice to be in the sea, the sand and enjoy the sun’s rays on your skin. It looks like the rest of the week will be full of sassy outfits let her charms stand out, since in days past she surprised us with a brown swimsuit that left nothing to the imagination.

It is beautiful with what it looks like. So far, these are the only news that the actress She has shared on her social networks, but we will keep an eye on any details she publishes, whether it is spring outfits like today’s or swimsuits.

One of the things in which he has us very forgotten is in soap operas, since for a long time he has not shared a leading role at the door, it seems that time is already taking its toll and new actresses like claudia martin They are the stars.

We will keep you abreast of any news that arises on social networks, whether it is about outfits new or projects that arise these days, he always surprises us with everything he publishes, like today modeling on four-wheel skates.