Anitta hizo atrevida propuesta en sesión fotográfica, muy bella

the enigmatic singer Anita does not leave the most important covers, appearing as the most famous Brazilian artist in the world. Converted into the representative of an entire culture, she decided to bring the most emblematic elements of her country to the pages of Vogue, in a more than revealing photo shoot.

Through her official social media accounts, the artist was sharing some tastes of her appearance in the renowned magazine, leaving photos and videos of her experience. On this occasion, she surprised her fans with a rather peculiar image where she is seen modeling as only she knows.

One of the characteristics of Anita What pleases the public the most is the way of innovating in all the aspects that surround his art, since he makes daring proposals not only in areas such as music or choreography, but also takes a step higher, standing out for his looks that mix his roots with pop culture elements.

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As if it were a carnival in the middle of Rio de Janeiro, the interpreter of “Wrap” wore a black costume that completely covered her. Wrapped in neoprene she remembered the socialite Kim Kardashianwearing a total look like a second skin, which is true to your curves.

Anitta made a daring proposal in a photo shoot, very beautiful. Source: Instagram

The accessory that drew all eyes was the huge plume of black feathers and some diamond inlays. The exquisite design perfectly reflects party nights in the beautiful country, embodying the elegant essence of the magazine.

In the note written by Vogue Brasil for its May issue, Anita named as the most listened to artist in Spotify Brazil and top 2 in Billboard Global. No wonder she broke her wholesale record as her hit ‘Envolver’ and ‘Gta’ became trendsetter on the internet, going viral in just a few hours.

He also presented a fairly intimate interview where he talked not only about his personal successes, but also took advantage of his voice to make visible the struggles that are not heard by the world, touching sensitive chords such as politics, religion and details of his private life never before revealed. with such depth.

She was honest about the motivations that led her not to give up and about her purpose to continue in the industry. “I didn’t want to sing just to make money, I wanted a purpose. And to know that things changed after me,” he said. Anita.

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