Aparición de Freddy Rincón en ‘reality’ de RCN, y novela de Caracol con su vida

Aparición de Freddy Rincón en 'reality' de RCN, y novela de Caracol con su vida

After retiring from soccer, Rincón —died on the night of this Wednesday, April 13— He lived for many years in Brazil, the country where one of his ex-wives is from. Later, he returned to Colombia where he had many television appearances.

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Most of them talked about their sport and analyzed players and games, but others they were in a ‘reality’ and in tributes that were made to him in other productions.

Freddy Rincón: RCN’s ‘reality’ in which he was, novel of his life and more

In 2018, the former Colombian national team midfielder, who suffered an accident in Cali, He was one of the celebrities who participated in ‘Exatlón Colombia’, a program on Canal RCN that brought together various celebrities and ordinary people to face each other in different tests.

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Although ‘El Coloso de Buenaventura’ had several triumphs, he left due to an injury that afflicted him and that they couldn’t treat him during the ‘reality’; it lasted 30 days and approximately five chapters.

“I thank them because they made me live wonderful moments,” Rincón said in his farewell, as can be seen in the following video:

Before that participation, the first Colombian to play for Real Madrid, had a screen on Caracol Television, which created the series ‘La Selección’ in 2013, based on the life of the historic players of the 90s such as ‘Tino’ Asprilla , the ‘Pibe’ Valderrama, René Higuita and Rincón himself.

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The latter was personified by the actor Antonio José Jiménez, who told several anecdotes that happened with the former soccer player. In the production, themes of the professional and personal life of ‘El Coloso’ were toldalthough there were others that were fiction.

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In the Oscar-winning film ‘Encanto’, Valle del Caucano had a tribute with a scene that refers to the goal he scored against Germany, with the Colombian National Team.

This is added to the multiple participations of Freddy Rincón in sports programs on different channels such as ESPN and Win Sports.