Apavit | Agencias de Viajes: paralización de labores de controladores aéreos deja pérdidas de S/ 800 millones | PERU

Apavit | Agencias de Viajes: paralización de labores de controladores aéreos deja pérdidas de S/ 800 millones | PERU

The Peruvian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (Apavit) denounced that the strike of air traffic controllers in our country left 800 million soles in economic losses and deepened the crisis facing tourism activity, as well as the lack of experience and knowledge of those appointed as ministers related to the aforementioned sector.

Ricardo Acosta, president of Apavit said that the lack of knowledge, communication and coordination between the Ministries of Labor, Culture, Transport, Interior, Foreign Trade and Tourism is the cause of the tourism sector collapsing.

Acosta said that approximately eight thousand people affected, 26 flights canceled, 45 flights affected, S / 800 million in economic losses, thus affecting the entire chain related to the sector such as guides, restaurants, porters, hotels, means of transport in general, warehouses, laundries and car rental, among other services.

“The sector, in a figurative sense, is dying (…) the days before Easter in the following way, Monday: migrations at the airport and at its headquarters collapsed due to the lack of passport issuance and the next day, thanks due to the negligence of the government, the partial collapse of the perimeter wall of Kuelap, declared as national and world heritage”, he questioned.

“On Wednesday, air traffic controllers strike, strike that sadly having been declared appropriate by Minister Betsy Chávez, this measure without alleged knowledge of the Ministers related to the sector”, he added.

Acosta warned that future groups of foreigners who had scheduled trips to Peru are being massively canceled.

“They were looking for a safe, comfortable and pleasant trip to a country that has the necessary conditions, conditions that Peru does not meet today, mainly due to political instability, crime, constant strikes and roadblocks, among other obstacles it faces. the tourist in our national territory”, he stated.

Finally, the head of Apavit asked that immediate action be taken in the face of the events that prevent the reactivation of tourism.

“We immediately demand the removal of the lady from the position of Minister of Labor. Betsy Chavez; do not give more time to see how our sector continues to collapse, ”said Ricardo Acosta.