Archivan proceso contra Alejandra Azcárate tras una denuncia que ella hizo de maltrato animal

Archivan proceso contra Alejandra Azcárate tras una denuncia que ella hizo de maltrato animal

Actress and comedian Alejandra Azcárate. Image taken from @laazcarateoficial

A strong complaint was made on March 21, the actress and presenter, Alejandra Azcaratethrough his social networks when he published videos and images in his “InstaStories” that his followers sent him, about a dog that lived with its owners in an apartment located in the Cedritos neighborhood in Bogotá.

Apparently, the owners of the animal left it outside the apartment, on the balcony, suffering from the inclement weather of Bogotá; In addition, there was a video of physical abuse by one of its owners.

Today I want to share with you something that for me has been gratifying, beautiful from any point of view, thoughtful and above all I feel that it sets a precedent … it turns out that last year through this space I denounced an animal abuser”, the comedian initially expressed through her ‘InstaStories’.

As she recalled, her work as an animal advocate has been going on for some time when, through her Instagram account, she created a section to promote the adoption of pets that were in shelters or even people who found them in the street and took them to their homes as a temporary home, a section he called ‘Instagranimales’.

“That space allowed me to generate many alliances with various animal protection foundations and with individuals… we rescued a lot, that became a job that I did with all the love. When I received the images that confirmed the mistreatment of this character towards his pet, I broke down … In the heat I said ‘ready, hit him’, what needs to be done, this cannot happen”, Alejandra Azcárate added to her story.

The model reported that at that time, the man filed a tutela action where he alleged that Azcárate had violated his fundamental right to a good name.

“The videos confirm that the pet spent hours, the whole night dead from the cold, shivering on the brick floor… I made the complaint in my space because it is my personal opinion and I have the freedom to do so and when I least expected the man got heated and then he filed a tutelage action against me where he alleged that I had violated his fundamental right to a good name And that’s where this whole situation starts, ”said the comedian in her story.

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Here the complete content of Alejandra Azcárate:

The abuser filed a tutela action for affecting his fundamental right to a good name, in addition, a complaint for libel and slander

On the other hand, the actress thanked the lawyer who appeared in the situation and stated that he is a professional with an affinity for the causes of animals. With her help, Azcárate won the guardianship in the first instance, however, the abuser filed an appeal, so the guardianship action against the comedian went to a second instance.

“… second instance that I also won because I had all the probative material, statements and testimonies from the neighbors, from the building administration about how that dog screeched for hours, videos, photos… but this was not enough for him and he sued me for libel and slander, I continued with my lawyer”, pointed out Alejandra Azcarate.

And he added: “He found the one that wasn’t because I do everything for the animals and I went deep… On the day of the hearing, the abuser did not appear, which is why after analyzing absolutely everything, the judge decided to file the process because it did not make sense.there was no room for even confrontation and argument, it was a factual fact”.

Finally, Alejandra Azcárate sent a message to all her followers to report this type of animal abuse, not to remain silent in any situation “because there is no right for these beings to be mistreated, outraged and violated”.


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