Arelys Henao contó detalles de su matrimonio con Wilfredo Hurtado

Arelys Henao contó detalles de su matrimonio con Wilfredo Hurtado

After 3 months, The novel ‘Arelys Henao: I sing to not cry’ came to an end, a production of Caracol Television that told details of the life of the artist from Antioquia and that became a reflection of the difficulties for many Colombian women, because of what they live day by day in this society.

And in addition to showing the most important moments of his artistic life, he also showed the love story that has endured with her husband and manager, Wilfredo Hurtado.

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But, considering that in the novel some themes of the real story were changed, such as the beginning of the relationship and that there was no ‘love at first sight’ while she worked in hairdressing services, many wondered if the ending with the marriage ceremony it took place as they showed on the screen.

Well, it was the same popular singer who was in charge of showing a photo and posting a message to uncover those details that viewers and followers wanted to know. On her official Instagram account, Arelys revealed that the happiness at the end of the novel is based on her current life and that Wilfredo is the love of her life.

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“It was an unforgettable day @wilfredomanager and until death do us part”, Henao commented and accompanied the heartfelt words with a photo, just from the moment they said yes at the altar.

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Both people from the world of music and entertainment, as well as thousands of his followers on the social network, which already exceed 970 thousandThey reacted with comments, emoticons and congratulations to the couple who stole the attention of Colombians in the first months of 2022.

Perhaps that ‘love at first’ sight did not happen as in the bionovela (as actress Mariana Gómez and actor José Ramón Barreto showed), but the feelings and the union of the couple endure.

They have been united on stage and in their private lives, despite the difficulties of displacement and violence who lived a few years ago.