Asesinaron a futbolista Miller Stiven Falla por robarle el celular | Bogotá

Asesinaron a futbolista Miller Stiven Falla por robarle el celular | Bogotá

Miller Stiven Falla, a promising young Colombian soccer player who played in a team affiliated with the lower divisions of the América de Cali club, was murdered on the night of Saturday, April 2, in the town of Kennedy.on Bogota, by criminals who stole his cell phone. A security camera captured the subjects as they fled.

Jhon Falla, father of the teenager, said that the minor was walking “with two school friends” when they were intercepted by the criminals.

“A Venezuelan put a revolver to the girls’ chest. He asked for her cell phone and the girl told him that she did not have a cell phone. They asked my son for his cell phone, my son had a normal time, he took out his Mobile phone, He lifted the shirt and passed it to her. At the time he passed him the cell phone, the Venezuelan shot him in the abdomen. My son fell to the ground, she stared at her companion and told her ‘calm down, nothing’s wrong’ and that’s itHe closed his eyes, they took him to the Western Clinic and he arrived without vital signs,” he added sobbing.

Miller Stiven Falla’s father does not understand why “they cut off the future of an athlete child. Since he was 5 years old he trained soccer, he had been training soccer for 10 years, he didn’t deserve that they do one of these things to my son. Please, I demand justice.”

The teenager played with the U-15 América de Cali group at the Club Andino de Bogotá.

Giovanny Marín, team manager, stated that it is “totally unacceptable that due to the insecurity situation we are going through, it takes the life of a child and interrupts his dreams, all for stealing a cell phone.”

Major Luis Acosta, commander of the Kennedy station, affirmed that they are working “with all the Judicial Police and Intelligence units through the investigation to be able to capture these people, who will be prosecuted and made available to the Attorney General’s Office.” of the Nation”.

Miller’s father Stiven Falla says he doesn’t want others to suffer as he did. “Today it was my son, tomorrow who knows whose son. I demand justice”insisted.

This footballer murdered He will be remembered as the young man who dazzled with his game on the court, the one who got up early every day at five in the morning with the discipline to train and who lost his life, his dreams, in the middle of a cell phone robbery.