Así son las lujosas vacaciones de Emma García en Ibiza

The Telecinco presenter has decided to take a few days off and has taken the opportunity to go on vacation with her husband and daughter to a luxurious Ibizan hotel

After many weeks of working on Telecinco presented “Viva la vida” on Saturdays and Sundays, leaving aside family plans on weekends, emma garcia has decided to advance Summer Vacation and escape with her husband and daughter to the island of Ibiza.

Emma Garcia in Ibiza

This has been announced on her social networks, uploading a photo in which she wears a bikini next to the hotel where they have decided to stay, accompanied by the message: “Recharging batteries on this magical island”. Specifically, the hotel is a luxury building located in the Na Xamena area, just a few minutes from the beach and the transparent waters of the Balearic Islands.

A luxury hotel that is located near an imposing cliff, framed in an area of ​​special tranquility in which the familia can connect with nature and enjoy good times together. The hotel includes a private villa where, according to Lectura, they could be staying, for greater Privacy.


Part of the luxurious hotel where Emma García and her family would have stayed

An accommodation in which the treesthe vegetationthe swimming pools with warm waters that allow you to take a refreshing and at the same time pleasant bath. An accommodation that includes at least 3 of those pools, spa, gym and tennis court, as well as meditation and yoga areas.