Atlético Bucaramanga consiguió una milagrosa clasificación a cuadrangulares semifinales

And it took almost four years for Atlético Bucaramanga’s fans to shout again: we qualified!

And it was in a historically difficult square, where the tears of the Bucaros players rolled, with the declines of 1994 and 2008.

But whoever they are going to hit, they keep and from those bitter moments in the Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium in Pereira they turn into moments of happiness. There, Sherman Cárdenas, a very young 19-year-old, was consoled by the historic goalkeeper René Higuita and 14 years later, now more mature, he celebrated like a child the classification among the eight (tears of joy).

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And the Santander midfielder had a lot to do with it, assisting Dayro Moreno so that he decreed the first and then Michel Acosta so that he could specify the second and once again Dayro so that he converted the third, which added to the results of the other squares, facilitated access to semi-final homers for the Bumangués club.

Undoubtedly a great relief for the fans and the entire family of the “Leopard” team that suffered throughout the semester and mainly on the last date, but in the end it reached the goal, which it had not achieved since the second half of 2018.

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The ‘yellow’ team arrived at the last date of the all-against-all phase of the BetPlay I League of 2022 with the need to beat Pereira as a visitor and, in addition, wait for two of three results in other places.

Atlético did their own task, beat the ‘matecañas’, and then the planets aligned so that the other results would occur.

A miraculous classification, which allows those led by Armando ‘El Piripi’ Osma to dream of putting up a fight in the semi-final home runs, now without so much pressure, because everything they see comes and turns into profit and the obligation belongs to the so-called ‘great ‘.

Ups and downs campaign

The box búcaro cut the bad streak of recent seasons, with a campaign marked by ups and downs in performance.

Things did not start well at the hands of the Argentine coach Néstor Craviotto, who did not find his way back into the group and came out on the eighth day with the team in the last places.

Armando ‘El Piripi’ Osma from Santander assumed the technical direction and the improvement was immediately evident in the results.

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Against all odds, the injured ‘Leopardo’ got up and fought again for the classification, settling in fifth place on date 15.

But the story goes that there is no happy story without suffering at Atlético and there were moments of turbulence, with difficulties in sustaining victories in matches, defensive failures and the goal was closed.

Thus, in the midst of doubts and with the recent elimination in the BetPlay Cup in tow, the most representative club in the region arrived at the last date, in which it brought out its best repertoire to bring joy to the fans, in the week of the 73rd birthday.