Atlético Nacional: Hernán Darío Herrera pidio disculpas a la hinchada por la derrota con Equidad | Futbol Colombiano | Liga Betplay

National Athletic suffered another setback in League I-2022this time it was Equity who accounted for the Antioquia team, who have accumulated five games without winning, with three draws and two losses, where they could barely score a goal.

Despite these unfavorable numbers, the green team maintained third place in the table and with 36 points, the coach Hernan Dario Herrera sees the glass ‘half full’ heading into the semi-final home runs.

I want to apologize to the Nacional fans, they didn’t play well, we have to admit it. From now on, you have to think and rethink to face the home runs and dispute the title. We give credit to La Equidad, it stopped well, we had nowhere to enter and the conditions to overcome this score. We lacked playing well, we didn’t have the skills that we showed in other games. We have to improve on the offensive side to get the goals we need”, remarked Herrera.

The strategist stressed that the team must improve if it wants to regain prominence in the championship. “You worry about those results. From now on, it’s a clean slate, we need the support of the fans, we’ll start from scratch and we have the team ready to tackle the home runs in the best way and fight for the title”.

Herrera spoke about the professional debut of Óscar Perea, a 16-year-old player who can play as a winger. “A 16-year-old like Óscar Perea showed great conditions and will be a promise for the institution, he showed very good things as a striker in this match”.

Regarding the levels of Daniel Mantilla, Jefferson Duque and Yerson Candelo, the ‘Arriero’ commented that “Daniel Mantilla has been performing, in this match he was not the best. Jefferson Duque had options to finalize, but it did not happen, now he has to work hard to fight for the title. About (Yerson) Candelo, I tried to open up the band more, he has played more on the wing at Nacional, what we were looking for didn’t happen”.

For its part, John Duke He appreciated the trust placed by the coaching staff to add 90 minutes, but he did not hide and was self-critical of the team’s performance.

“Personally, it will always be important for a player to have minutes. I am sad because we were not able to achieve a good attack volume, to have another image. Beyond being sad, the most important thing is to face this final part and play the games in the best way. You have to be self-critical, we can not highlight a performance, on what was done by the group. In this game we did not see ourselves well, we lacked breadth and depth. Equidad is a team that is very strong in transitions and they complicated us a lot”.

In addition, the brand midfielder valued what he had achieved throughout the championship and what his role was in this match. “It is important to emphasize what we have achieved in the semester such as breadth, holding the ball and convinced of what we have done. We have to follow that game idea that leads us to fight for the finalsin this match they asked me to play in ‘double five’ with Baldomero Perlaza, we sought to increase the volume of attack, I tried to position myself well, maintain balance. Personally, I think we were able to give much more, we still have to work for what comes in the finals”.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8