audicionó para Factor X con Marbelle y así le fue

audicionó para Factor X con Marbelle y así le fue

The recent public discussion between Marbelle and Francia Márquez for racist insults of the singer against the candidate for the Vice Presidency dusted off a little-known facet of the environmental activist: she wanted to seek her vocation in music and reach the country as she does today but through politics.

It seems that the paths of both women had crossed before the painful racist crusade that Marbelle has undertaken against her. Márquez herself was in charge of reviving an old experience.

“Dear Marbelle, I do not understand how you hate me without knowing me, how you distrust me if we have never had the opportunity to braid a friendship relationship (sic)”, wrote the Gustavo Petro’s formula on your Twitter account by replying to a message in which the former X Factor jury He had told him that he did not trust him “in any way” and that, therefore, he returned the “ancestral hug” that Márquez had sent him to try to overcome the episode of the comments against him.

“Let me tell you that on the contrary, I have admired you since I was a teenager,” continued the environmentalist before publishing a thread of posts on the same social network.

That was how he began to remember his time at the singing contest. “A few years ago I was one of the millions of young people who enthusiastically appeared at an audition in which you were as a music teacher,” she advanced. For that occasion, Ella Marbelle shared the jury table with the singer Juan Carlos Coronel and producer José Gaviria.

The vice-presidential candidate noted that when she left her community to appear on the X Factor, she did so with her grandmother’s blessing. “She gave me the ancestral hug that I offer you today from the depths of my heart. During the tour mounted on the bus, she thought about the illusion of what would happen if she were to classify”, she pointed out.

As he narrated, he had the “illusion of being able to change reality with music” of his family and his community. However, she did not qualify for the contest from which singers like Camilo, Greeicy Rendón, Farina, Julio César Meza, and the Siam group.

“Even though I obviously didn’t classify, I returned home with a lot of pride and joy for having been able to greet you (sic),” he acknowledged. At the end of that part of the story he returned to Marbelle: “Dear @ Marbelle30

today life put me on another path, fight to become the Vice President of Colombia.

From this place I will work tirelessly to change the reality of our country.

We will work for a Colombia with opportunities for youth”.

The also lawyer has preferred to respond with a message of respect to the insults of Marbelle, who was denounced by Senator Roy Barreras and lawyer Ali Bantú Ashanti, from the Racial Justice collective by “violating the anti-racism law” and for “promoting and instigating acts of racism and hatred” against Marquez.

In the publication, he concluded by recalling Marbelle’s greatest success: “I have nothing left to do but thank you for having allowed us in our youth to dance with joy the Necklace of Fine Pearls.”

The exchange of messages between Marbelle and Márquez began on March 28 when the actress shared an image on her social networks in which she compared France to King Kong.

According to the Racial Justice collective, that comment “it projects a racist imaginary, with which it hurts the dignity and feelings of people of African descent.”

“These stereotypes are old-fashioned, typical of the history of slavery and everyday racism. Today planted in the national collective conscience and reinforced with this type of behavior that people of African descent are inferior, similar to apes, monkeys or gorillas,” added Bantú Ashanti, a lawyer.

Marbelle, a staunch critic of the left-wing candidate Gustavo Petro, has been the target of rejection comments and reacted to Márquez’s responses again: “They are harassing me.”