Aurora Cárdenas la vendedora que se robó el corazón de Christian Nodal y borró a Belinda

Aurora Cárdenas la vendedora que se robó el corazón de Christian Nodal y borró a Belinda

Aurora Cárdenas the saleswoman who stole Christian Nodal’s heart and erased Belinda. The singer does not stop generating controversy, now it is because apparently his heart already has a new owner just two months after his break with the interpreter of toad.

The famous singer was captured in several photographs next to a beautiful woman, who raises suspicions that it is his most recent conquest. Is about Aurora Cardenaswho for many fans turns out to be not so well known, so they took on the task of knowing his identity. Although others alerted Nodal through social networks.

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The images were captured when the singer arrived in Tabasco to present his “Forajido Tour” show, where Nodal was seen accompanied by his work team, as well as a woman with whom he smiled and kept close.

In the images you can see the singer quite calm while enjoying the company of a beautiful woman, who stole all the spotlights because it would presumably be the new sentimental partner. After these photographs come to light, users in social networks they took on the task of discovering the identity of the supposed new conquest.

It turns out that the attractive young woman is called Aurora Cárdenas, who is a specialist in real estatebut that’s not all because in his personal account of Instagram registers more than 98 thousand followerswhere she describes herself as a master in global sales and advises on real estate investments.

In her publications it is noted that the woman likes to wear elegant outfits, while promoting luxurious real estate where he even poses in a swimsuit. In addition, images are shared where it is shown that she likes to venture out such as traveling by helicopter, parachuting, as well as practicing horseback riding.

At the moment, is CEO of the company ‘I did it for you’, with more than 10 years dedicated to the real estate sector. The alleged new love of the interpreter of Goodbye Love He has Master’s certifications in global sales, real estate and industry strategies.

The truth is that Aurora is not only passionate about sales, but also about fashion and travel, as can be seen in each of her publications. This young woman has recently been captured by the lens next to Nodal, and the curious detail that Christian’s mom Nodal, Silvia Cristina, follow the young man’s Instagram account.

Nodal’s fans believe that the two met thanks to the young woman’s work, but despite the revealing images, so far neither the singer nor Aurora have confirmed a love relationship. However, some followers of the singer allegedly alerted him because in Puerto Vallarta the young woman is known as the fortune hunter and swindler of men. Let’s be on the lookout finding out if Nodal has already forgotten Belinda.