Baleares y Canarias se quedan sin coches de alquiler por la fuerte demanda | Noticias de Agencias de viajes

Baleares y Canarias se quedan sin coches de alquiler por la fuerte demanda | Noticias de Agencias de viajes

The high number of reservations in the Spanish archipelagos has left car rental companies unable to react, as they see how the number of cars is running out. According to Última Hora, the employers’ associations of the Balearic Islands, Aevab and Baleval, recognize that they have 50,000 fewer cars than before the pandemic, which “leaves us without much room for manoeuvre”. (The rent a car expects a boom in demand from Easter)

“We have exceeded the best forecasts, since we feared that the war conflict would reduce the demand towards the Island in the face of Holy Week”, highlights the president of Aevab, Ramón Reus. For his part, the representative of Baleval, Antoni Masferrer, detects “an increase in the arrival of foreign tourism, specifically German, British, Italian and Nordic, to which Spanish must be added”. “All this increases our activity.” (The miracle of rent a car)

In the Canary archipelago the problem is similar. According to Canarias7, occupancies close to 90% have overwhelmed rental companies. Despite having faced an increase in the fleet, rent-a-car companies have hung up the “no cars” sign. “We expected good figures, although not such good growth,” says the general secretary of the Association of Canary Vehicle Rental Companies (Aecav), Roberto Dávila.

They also have 50,000 vehicles, but to meet current demand, they report that they would need about 65,000. With all this, they expect this problem to worsen during the summer, so they recommend booking well in advance. Otherwise, “they are going to find themselves with the problem that they are not going to have a car.”

In this way, the forecasts of the president of the national employers’ association (Feneval), Juan Luis Barahona, are fulfilled. This warned just a month ago that a boom in demand was coming at Easter that would force companies to “sell without cars”. He explained that “we have problems getting manufacturers to provide us with new cars.” For these holidays they have about 540,000 cars in the national group.