Boom desde Portugal a Cancún gracias a World2Fly, Iberojet y TAP


RR | Cancun | May 13,
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Cancun is not only experiencing success with the arrival of American and Canadian tourists, but also of the Portuguese, thanks to the connectivity provided by TAP Air and the Spanish airlines World2Fly and Iberojet.

Despite the facts of insecurity and now of sargassum, the growing demand for travel to destinations in the Mexican Caribbean from Portugal does not stop, so airlines have had to open new direct flights from Lisbon.

In addition, the popularity of Mexico’s tourist destinations has positioned it as the second preferred country for travelers from the United States and Canada. But Cancun is the fifth preferred destination in the world by the same travelers, according to data from Expedia.

as reported, The Secretary of Tourism of the Mexican Government, Miguel Torruco, met with the Undersecretary of State for Consular Affairs of the United States Department of State, Rena Bitter, to request that the American country concentrate travel alerts only on specific areas and not generalize, Well, Torruco explained that most of these are far from tourist destinations. (Mexico asks the USA to concentrate travel alerts only to specific points).

In a statement, Torruco reported on his meeting “as an opportunity to suggest that travel alerts detail the areas that could represent problems and not generalize,” noting that “some isolated cases of insecurity are found several kilometers from tourist destinations. ».