Calendario del Grupo A y B de los cuadrangulares finales de la Liga BetPlay | Futbol Colombiano | Liga Betplay

The fight for the title of the first semester begins in BetPlay League 2022-I. Eight teams divided into two groups of four will seek to keep the first star of the year.

While millionaires leads the Group A fraud Atletico Nacional, Junior Barranquilla and Atletico Bucaramangathe Sports Tolima asked for the B Group fraud Independent Medellin, Envigado and La Equidad. Exciting duels are coming in each zone.

With everything ready, the calendar takes on vital importance. It is worth remembering that in each group six days will be played (round trip matches) and the leaders will advance to the grand final.

This is how the calendar looked:

Date 1

Group A

Millionaires vs Bucaramanga
Junior vs. National

B Group

Envigado vs Tolima
Medellin vs. Equity

It will be played the weekend of May 21-22.

date 2

Group A

National vs Millionaires
Bucaramanga vs Junior

B Group

Tolima vs Medellin
Equity vs Envigado

It will be held on Wednesday, June 1.

date 3

Group A

National vs. Bucaramanga
Junior vs Millionaires

B Group

Envigado vs Medellin
Tolima vs. Equity

It will be played the weekend of June 4-5.

date 4

Group A

Millionaires vs Junior
Bucaramanga vs National

B Group

Equity vs. Tolima
Medellin vs. Envigado

It will be played on Wednesday, June 8.

date 5

Group A

Millionaires vs National
Junior vs. Bucaramanga

B Group

Medellin vs Tolima
Envigado vs Equity

It will be held the weekend of June 11-12.

date 6

Group A

Bucaramanga vs Millionaires
National vs Junior

B Group

Tolima vs Envigado
Equity vs Medellin

It will be played on Wednesday, June 15.