Calendario Mundial de Qatar 2022: Formato, fixture, fecha de partidos – Fútbol Internacional – Deportes

Calendario Mundial de Qatar 2022: Formato, fixture, fecha de partidos - Fútbol Internacional - Deportes

After months of waiting, the eight groups for the Qatar World Cup are already defined. Thus, with only a couple of countries pending to ensure their classification (due to the playoffs), what is missing is that November 21 arrives for the World Cup event to begin.

Here we present the schedule of the World Cup in Qatar so that you have your agenda ready and do not miss the incredible event.

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Group stage

Qatar World Cup draw.

The group stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be played between Monday, November 21 and Friday, December 2.

Every day, there will be four games. This will bring the total to 48.

The hours of most of this phase, in Colombia, will be as follows: 5 am, 8 am, 11 am and 2 pm

Games on the last day (Tuesday, November 29 to Friday, December 2) will be played at 10 am or 2 pm

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round of 16

World Cup draw

Qatar World Cup draw.

The phase of the best 16 will be played between December 3 and 6.

On those days, there will be two games per day. The first at 10 am and the other at 2 pm

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Quarter finals

World Mascot

Qatar 2022 World Cup mascot.

The quarterfinal matches will be played between December 9 and 10.

Games will be at 10 am and 2 pm Two at each time.

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Qatar World Cup 2022: this is Al Rihla, the official ball of the Cup

The first match of the Qatar 2022 semifinals will be played on December 13, at 2 pm

The second meeting of this phase will take place on December 14, at 2 pm

The grand finale and the match for third place

Ahmad Bin Ali

The penultimate match of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, in which the third place is played, will take place on December 17 at 10 am The grand final of the tournament will be played on December 18, at 10 am

Dates day by day and hours for Colombia

November 21

Al Bayt Stadium
Qatar-Ecuador: 11:00 a.m.

Khalifa Stadium
England vs. iran 8am

Al Thumama Stadium
Senegal vs. Netherlands 5am

Ahmad bin Ali Stadium
United States vs. Repechage 2 pm

November 22th
Argentina vs. Saudi 5 a.m.

Stadium 974
Mexico vs. Poland 11am

Education City
Denmark vs. Tunis 8am

Al Janoub
France vs. Repechage 2 p.m.

November 23

Al Bayt
Morocco vs. croatia 5am

Germany vs. japan 8am

al thumama
Spain vs. Repechage 11 a.m.

Ahmad Bin Ali
Belgium vs. Canada 2:00 p.m.

November 24
Brazil vs. Serbia 2:00 p.m.

Stadium 974
Portugal vs. Ghana 11:00 a.m.

Education City
Uruguay vs Korea 8 a.m.

Al Janoub
Switzerland vs. Cameroon 5am

November 25
Al Bayt
England vs. United States 2 p.m.

Netherlands vs. Ecuador 11 a.m.

al thumama
Qatar vs. Senegal 8 a.m.

Repechage vs. iran 5 am

November 26
Argentina vs. Mexico 2:00 p.m.

Stadium 974
France vs. Denmark 11 a.m.

Education City
Poland vs Saudi 8 a.m.

al janoub
Tunisia vs. Repechage 5 a.m.

November 27
Al Bayt
Spain vs. Germany 2pm

croatia vs. Canada 11 a.m.

al thumama
Belgium vs. Morocco 8am

Japan vs. Repechage 5 a.m.

November 28
Portugal vs. Uruguay 2:00 p.m.

Brazil vs. Switzerland 11:00 a.m.

Korea vs. Ghana 8 a.m.

Cameroon vs Serbia 5 a.m.

November 29th
Netherlands vs. Qatar 10 am

Ecuador vs Senegal 10 a.m.

Iran vs. United States 2 p.m.

Repechage vs. England 2pm

November 30
Arabia vs. Mexico 2pm

Poland vs. Argentina 2:00 p.m.

Tunisia vs. France 10am

Repechage vs. Denmark 10 am

December 1st
Repechage vs. Germany 2pm

Japan vs. Spain 2pm

Canada vs. Morocco 10 a.m.

Croatia vs. Belgium 10am

December 2
Cameroon vs. Brazil 2:00 p.m.

Serbia vs Switzerland 2pm.

Korea vs. Portugal 10:00 a.m.

Ghana vs. Uruguay 10 a.m.

LAST 16:

December 3
Eighth 1: First of group A vs Second of group B
Eighth 2: First of group C vs Second of group D

December 4th
Eighth 5: Second of group A vs First of group B

Eighth 6: Second of group C vs First of group D

December 5th
Eighth 3: First of group E vs Second of group F
Eighth 4: First of group G vs Second of group H

6th of December
Eighth 7: Second of group E vs First of group F
Eighth 8: Second of group G vs First of group H


December 9
Quarter 1: Eighth 1 vs Eighth 2
Quarter 2: Eighth 3 vs Eighth 4

December 10
Quarter 3: Eighth 5 vs Eighth 6
Quarter 4: Eighth 7 vs Eighth 8

December 13th
Semifinal 1: Quarter 1 vs Quarter 2

December 14th
Semifinal 2: Quarter 3 vs Quarter 4

December 17
Semifinal loser 1 vs Semifinal loser 2

Dec. 18
Semifinal Winner 1 vs Semifinal Winner 2