Camilo filtra video de Evaluna Montaner en minibañador y bailando

Camilo leaks video of Evaluna Montaner in a mini-swimsuit and dancingthe “Expensive Clothes” singer he was excited to celebrate his wife in her first mothers day and revealed the great job she has done as the mother of little Indigo in these weeks.

It was at the beginning of April when at last, Indigo came into the world. Since then, Camilo and Evaluna Montaner had kept a low profile enjoying the first days of their baby and with all the challenges that being new parents implies.

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recently, it was Evaluate Montaner who showed how Camilo He danced with Indigo in his arms, showing that he is a dedicated and attentive father with the baby and with her, later, Eva Luna He reappeared on networks showing his look for the first mother’s day that he would celebrate and now Camilo shares the video that has given him something to talk about.

“Excuse me… I leave you the best video you have seen in your lives. HAPPY FIRST MOTHER’S DAY Evaluna! You were born to be. I remember when we just met and you told me that your biggest dream was what you are living right now. God was not wrong to leave Indigo in your hands. You have in your mother and mine the best examples!! I learn from you daily! Bye. We are going to sleep that we are both sleepy hahaha, ”the singer wrote in the video of the memory.

in the audiovisual Evaluate Montaner She appears in a swimsuit and dancing happily, right in her childhood, showing that she was always an outgoing, talented and very funny young woman. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE

The Montaners arrive at Disney+ with their own series

Evaluate Montaner and Camilo also revealed that very soon we will be able to learn more about the Montaner family through a series of ten episodes that they have recorded for Disney+ where they will also be Ricardo Montaner and his wife Marlene Salomé, Mau, Ricky and their wives.

Although they assured that the series would be available on the digital platform very soon, the Montaners did not give the specific premiere date, but from what could be seen in the preview, we will be able to see what happened in several important moments of the family, such as the moment where Camilo and Evaluna shared the news of her pregnancy with the family and the wedding of Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman.

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