Caos por pasaportes, vuelos cancelados y huelga de operadores aéreos: la tensa semana en el aeropuerto Jorge Chávez

Caos por pasaportes, vuelos cancelados y huelga de operadores aéreos: la tensa semana en el aeropuerto Jorge Chávez

Chaos at Jorge Chávez airport due to lack of passports and passengers missing flights | VIDEO: Channel N

Thousands of people use the Jorge Chavez International Airport to travel to both national and international destinations. And precisely in Sholy emanates It is one of the times when there is more traffic. Nevertheless, In recent days, a series of events have been seen that interrupted the regular flow of flights.


Due to demonstrations across the country protesting price hikes, the government issued a Supreme Decree No. 034-2022-PCM where he arranged the social and compulsory immobilization in Lima and Callao from 02:00 am. until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. It was an unexpected measure without prior coordination, the same one that was not accepted by a large number of citizens.

One of the concerns was for people who had flights booked. Through a statement, the concessionaire of the Jorge Chávez airport specified that the Jorge Chávez airport maintained its operations normally. recommended to the travelers who have a scheduled flight they must carry their ‘boarding pass’ (boarding pass) and national identity document with them (DNI). However, there was confusion among the passengers and some missed their flights.


A fault in the system migrationsmade it impossible to issue passports. In the offices of the Jorge Chávez airport, a great congestion and chaos was generated because hundreds of passengers were waiting for their identity documents to be able to board their flights. Many of them were unable to embark, and many others had to pay penalties to reschedule their trips.

Hours later, it was reported that the printing of passports at the Jorge Chávez International Airport was restarted after solving the problem in the system that generated large queues and discomfort among travelers who could not travel due to the lack of this document. “The issue is not the lack of passbooks but the lack of identification of the passbook system. It is already being printed at the airport, and we hope to resolve the contingency as soon as possible”reported the head of Migration, Jorge Fernández.

Fernández said that they have been working on a project that will be presented to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), which involves 301 million soles, that allows updating and making the system independent from foreign providers, and not depending on third parties for the issuance of passports.


About 1,500 passengers were unable to travel today to the different destinations they had scheduled in the interior of the country due to the cancellation of domestic flights caused by the strike of air operators, reported Lima Airport Partners (LAP), concessionaire of the Jorge Chávez international airport.

Rocío Espinoza, LAP’s Reputation Manager, stated that, During the morning, flights to destinations such as Cusco, Trujillo, Ayacucho and Tacna have been cancelled.

“In the morning there are more than 15 canceled flights, I’m losing count. And each flight can carry up to 100 people. It is a significant affectation, ”he stressed in RPP.

After a negotiation in which the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion participated, the strike was lifted. After the announcement of the lifting of the strike of air operators, the canceled flights were rescheduled. However, long queues of users looking to travel to national or international destinations could be seen. There are also people complaining about delays.

State of the flights after the strike of air operators was lifted. VIDEO: Channel N


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