Capítulo 04 de Hasta que la plata nos separe del 13 de mayo

Isabel (Michelle Rouillard) hints at Alejandra (carmen villalobos) that she may have some type of responsibility in the accident because at that time the businesswoman was using the cell phone. In addition, she confirms that Rafael Méndez (Sebastian Martinez) is also responsible for her being alive.

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In the company of Jaime (Jose Daniel Cristancho), Raphael and Luciano (Gregorio Pernia) meet to reconcile and square the expenses that must be paid in exchange for his freedom.

Alejandra is concerned about her beauty and lets Luciano know that she understands that his fiancee’s physical appearance is very important to him.

With his mother’s house as collateral, Rafael agrees to assume Alejandra’s share of the debt in the bank. Luciano tells him that he hopes it will be like this because he will have to pay more than 7 million a month.

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Vicky ‘the bow tie’ (juliet pardeau) prepares everything to receive Rafael with the drink that was not spent at Alejandra’s wedding party and the band that could not make their presentation.

Alejandra wants to meet the man who changed her life and asks Isabella for help to take her to the neighborhood where Rafael lives. Meanwhile Méndez, who regained his freedom, arrives at his house in the company of his mother and Jaime.

Rafael believes that Mr. Gastón Pardo (Fernando Arevalo) was the one who paid for the orchestra and the champagne with which he was received, however, Vicky explains to him where everything came from and Méndez tries to save as much drink as possible.

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When Alejandra arrives at the neighborhood where Rafael lives, she realizes the party they are enjoying and listens to Vicky talk about the “old woman” who crashed with the little bird and took him to jail. Alejandra gets upset and tells him that she is the woman she is talking about and faints in Isabella’s arms.

Rafael does not realize what is happening with Alejandra because he is talking to his father-in-law and brothers-in-law, who ask him to clarify the situation with Vicky and tell her that they had nothing to do with the accident.

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