Capítulo 46 Hasta que la plata nos separe 18 de julio

Three weeks have passed since Alejandra Maldonado (carmen villalobos) decided to go on a trip outside the country with Luciano (Gregorio Pernia) to perform cosmetic surgeries and improve the marks that remained on his body after the accident.

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During that time, Raphael (Sebastian Martinez) has not achieved higher sales, because due to the situation he is experiencing, he does not feel like doing anything, not even selling. So much so, that Leidy Di calls him to buy two trucks, but he decides not to go to San Juan to finalize the deal.

Meanwhile, Vicky (juliet pardeau) takes a pregnancy test that comes out positive, at first I don’t understand the result and when she realizes that she is expecting Jaime’s baby (Jose Daniel Cristancho) worries.

The president of Ramenautos, Dr. Ezequiel Bernal (Alexander Gutierrez) tells Isabella (Michelle Rouillard) that Rafael’s sales have not been good and that he will only give him a month to improve his figures, otherwise he will be fired.

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Alejandra returns to the country and apologizes to Josefina for not paying her salary. However, the clerk tells her that Luciano had already given her some money, so she didn’t have to worry about her.

Seeing Luciano, Benjamín remembers again the day he found this man with Karen Nicholls (Juliana Galvis), but is confused, and tries to tell his daughter, but no one listens and he is sent to rest.

Vicky’s brother, Franklyn Pardo, finds the pregnancy test and asks about the baby’s father. La Pajarita doesn’t say anything to him and only asks for his help to reassure her father about the subject of marriage. Franklyn agrees to help his little sister.

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Jaime talks to Milena (Stephanie Duke) and tells him that he decided to become a priest. Rafael’s sister asks him for help to get Papeto out (Tuto Patino) from jail, then kisses him and Vicky notices this.

Vicky calls Rafael and manages to tell him that she is pregnant, but Rafael does not listen because his co-workers do not allow it. Given this, the little birds agree to meet at night to talk urgently.

Rafael tells the Ramenautos business advisers that he will no longer marry Vicky, however, Rosaura (Lorna Cepeda) says that is not true because she is organizing such a special date. Isabella listens to Rosaura’s words and believes that Rafael is lying.

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