Carlos Antonio Vélez se despachó contra Pékerman

Carlos Antonio Vélez se despachó contra Pékerman

The sports journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez spoke with WEEK about his 50-year professional career, in which he has covered the world of football in various media, making a name with weight and reputation in the field of sport.

Born in Manizales, Vélez has an uninterrupted career on both radio and television, in addition to being one of the most experienced commentators in the main national and international sports media.

In interview with WEEKEl Profe, as he is also known in the journalistic trade, told a little about his life, his beginnings in the world of soccer, national politics in the midst of the present electoral campaigns for the Presidency and the performance of the Colombia team now that it is not It was enough for the World Cup.

Precisely, when questioned about his annoyance at the elimination of the tricolor, Vélez assured that what really bothers him is that people idolize the former technical director of the national team, José Néstor Pékerman, now that the conglomerate did not get a place in Qatar 2022 .

“The idolatry towards a myth, a legend, who is Mr. Pékerman, has bothered me. You look and find that there were no results whatsoever, except winning games. We went to two World Cups and really the only important rival we faced was England”, assured the journalist, who also said that it was the illusion that did not let us see that “it was more what he took than what he left us”.

Vélez pointed out that he does not find a great difference that could have been made between the National Team that the Argentine led and the one now: “On the way to Russia, he left us a team with numbers very similar to those of this tie. What happens is that people have selective memory.

Carlos Antonio Vélez celebrates 50 years of uninterrupted career on radio and television, where he has carried out journalistic coverage of national and international soccer. – Photo: Guillermo Torres /Week

He referred to Colombia’s qualification for the World Cup in Russia, an achievement that, according to the commentator, was not acquired precisely for sporting merit. “He left us a team that tied with Chile and Uruguay in Bogotá 0-0, unexpectedly lost to Paraguay 2-1 and we had to go to Lima for the last game. Peru and Colombia went to the World Cup to the detriment of other teams, that was even investigated by Fifa, and that’s how we qualified Russia”, he asserted.

Faced with this scenario, Vélez assured that this left Pékerman as a ‘chimbo’ mythWell, the Colombians who love him are in a sentimental error, believing that he had a performance that is now missed with the national team.

When asked if the Argentine’s departure had been a good decision, he did not hesitate to affirm that he had been removed at the right time, he even said that it seemed to him that the Colombian Football Federation had been slow to notify him of the end of his address on the tricolor.

Likewise, Vélez assured that Pékerman cannot be called a marvel, because during his leadership with the national team there was no stability in the game of the eleven Colombians.

“They had taken a long time. Many things were done here and the Federation was at one point an accomplice because it allowed it. But later he realized that the state of things was not good and there was nothing footballing either. We tied with Chile and Uruguay, we lost to Paraguay and we had to settle with Peru to qualify for the World Cup. We went to the World Cup, we lost to Japan, a referee helped us; we played well against Poland; he took James injured and did not put him to play but to pieces; in the game against England we were from here (he grabs his neck), and the scorer we had was Yerry Mina and we were eliminated in the round of 16. How can I say that this is wonderful? That is not a wonder,” he pointed out.