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Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo are considered one of the stronger couples from the world of Colombian entertainment after having been in a relationship for 13 years, two of them as married. Although they have always been very much in love on their social networks, the fact that they do not publish many activities together raised the alarm of their followers, who assure that they would be distanced. To clear this doubt, the protagonist of the saga “Without breasts there is no paradise” revealed what is the true situation that their marriage is going through.

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As is known, the actors met in 2007 when they were recording the telenovela “No one is eternal in the world” and the following year they began their romance in October. After more than a decade of dating, in 2019 they swore eternal love in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, where their family and friends were.


As a result of the fact that the couple has not been seen very close in recent months, there are several who think that the relationship would have worn out, so they would be divorcing. The same actress cleared up the big question that everyone asks: is her marriage in crisis?

A few weeks ago, Sebastián Caicedo praised his wife on his social networks, where he said that he had made a change in his life by fulfilling his dream of buying a farm (Photo: Carmen Villalobos / Instagram)

What did Carmen Villalobos say?

“As far as I know, I’m still married”said Carmen Villalobos with a laugh People in spanish. She answered this question in the midst of promoting the Telemundo telenovela “Until silver separates us.”

Along the same lines, her publicist replied, who commented that the actress is still married, but with a very full schedule, so she has only dedicated herself to working. This has led to the spouses not being together, which does not mean that the love between them has ended.

In another interview to Hello! USES He told why they do not look as close as before, while remembering that their first year of marriage was spent in the midst of a pandemic and now everything is different.

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The actress denied that her marriage is going through a hard time (Photo: Carmen Villalobos / Instagram)
The actress denied that her marriage is going through a hard time (Photo: Carmen Villalobos / Instagram)

“Coming out of the pandemic, came ‘Woman-fragranced coffee’he devoted himself to the farm. He is dedicated to other things and I’m super busy right now with ‘Until money do us part’. Let’s say that each one is focused on his own, he on his work and I on mine “manifested.

Likewise, he recognized that when he is inside a project he focuses so much on it that he does not realize the time.

“My family knows that when I am in a project they almost lose me because the recording rhythms are very heavy. So they are used to seeing me only at night when I go to sleep, because it is a recording from Monday to Saturday.Villalobos specified.

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