Carmen Villalobos: por qué aceptó hacer la comedia Hasta que la plata nos separe después de Café con aroma de mujer | Telenovelas de Telemundo nnda nnlt | FAMA

Carmen Villalobos: por qué aceptó hacer la comedia Hasta que la plata nos separe después de Café con aroma de mujer | Telenovelas de Telemundo nnda nnlt | FAMA

After what carmen villalobos won the award for Best Antagonist at the 2022 Catalina Awards for his work on “woman-fragranced coffee”, Everyone thought that the actress would begin to play villain roles to continue showing that this type of role suits her very well; however, many were surprised to find out that she was going to join the comedy “Until money do us part”a remake of the telenovela of the same name, which aired on RCN between 2006 and 2007.

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In fiction, she will be Alejandra Maldonado, a successful executive who is about to meet the love of her life, although the first meeting will not be pleasant, since it will happen due to a traffic accident that will leave her bedridden in a hospital and bankrupt. The actress will not be alone, because she will be accompanied by her compatriots Sebastián Martínez, who will be the other protagonist and will play the charismatic and humble merchant Rafael Méndez, and Gregorio Pernía as the bad guy in the story.

Although the followers of the talented actress are happy to see her on the screens again, several want to know why she decided to integrate this project, which will arrive on Telemundo on May 10. Here is what she said.

MORE INFORMATION: Carmen Villalobos and Gregorio Pernía together once again in “Until silver separates us”

The Colombian will share the role of protagonist and antagonist with her compatriots Sebastián Martínez and Gregorio Pernía (Photo: Carmen Villalobos / Instagram)


carmen villalobos pointed out that after having been, for the first time, under the skin of a villain, She felt that this role served to show that she is prepared to play any type of role, so much so that she was recognized with an award; thus, Instead of continuing to pigeonhole himself into that character, he asked for something new to come into his life.. So it was.

“After ‘Café con aroma de mujer’, I came from making an antagonist, I looked at the sky and [pensé]: ‘God, I want something else that I haven’t done so far’, and I needed to do a leading role with a comedy and how nice it would be to do it and they called me about this adaptation. I said, ‘This is the perfect character.’ This is another facet in which they have never seen Carmen Villalobos. I know the public will be delighted.”pointed out in an interview People in spanish.

She said that after receiving the proposal she felt very lucky and thanked everyone who thought of her for this new production whose screenwriter is Juan Carlos Pérez, who will adapt the story of the original drama by the late Fernando Gaitán.

“I am very lucky, that was a success for Fernando Gaitán, the creator of ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’, because happiness is absolute. That novel was made fifteen years ago and is the story of Alejandra Maldonado and Rafael Méndez, from two very opposite social classes, who due to fate meet in a tragic way in an accident and from there their lives change. In fact, they are going to see me lame, with a cane, with an orthopedic neck”Sebastián Caicedo’s wife stated.

At another point, she said that when she found out the project was a comedy, she felt convinced to do it. “We are at a time in the world where we need more laughter, we need to disconnect and laughter is fundamental, the day you don’t laugh is a wasted day”specified the medium.

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The actress is grateful to be part of the cast of "Till money do us part" (Photo: M&H / Instagram by Carmen Villalobos)
The actress is grateful for joining the cast of “Until silver separates us” (Photo: M&H / Instagram by Carmen Villalobos)