Celia Lora comparte linda “probadita” disfrazada de policía

Celia Lora comparte linda

The beautiful and talented mexican modelCelia Lora has been very focused on her work, producing the most beautiful content that her social media fans have seen, photos that she couldn’t even post on Instagram for any reason, which is why in Twitter take the opportunity to give us a little “little taste”.

This time we present you a publication he made to show us a preview of one of his Photo shoots most beautiful to date, the occasion in which he put on a police costume and dedicated himself to posing in his best poses and angles, impressive results that his followers did not stop admiring.

In the Photo we can see that in the background he used a scenario very similar to the one that became popular in the series Strange thingswith some lights and the letters of the alphabet arranged Just like in the series of Netflixwhile the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora It happened in the aforementioned costume, with a hat, but the rest is black embroidered interiors.

Of course it got the attention it wanted, thousands of people were in charge of enjoying the images and above all of sharing them so that more people could get to see it, inviting us so to subscribe us once again to its exclusive content pages, since it has not only one but several.

For her it is very important to clarify that this photo is simply a small approach to what you could find if you pay the subscription, because there she ends up forgetting about her athletes completely and creating excellent entertainment for her fans who do not stop thanking her .


Celia Lora / Instagram

Celia Lora shares her best moments and previews of her “only for fans” content.

There is no doubt that Celia Lora has had excellent results in her career thanks to her perseverance, not a single day goes by without her sharing something for her followers, she uploads many stories on her official Instagram profile and is always in contact with them.

In fact, recently we could see that the famous was on a trip, visiting impressive places, paradisiacal landscapes, of course, applying her talents to recommend some lodging establishments, an influencer.

We recommend that you stay with Show News so that you can continue enjoying everything new that we will be presenting to you about this celebrity and many others, the best news from the world of entertainment, entertainment and much more.

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