Christian Nodal cambia a Belinda por Tini para grabar el tema de amor que había compuesto con ella 

Christian Nodal cambia a Belinda por Tini para grabar el tema de amor que había compuesto con ella 

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nodal Christian, two months after his break with Belinda has made it clear that the beautiful blonde is no longer part of her life and continues to focus on her musical projects..

Through a Twitch live, the Mexican singer was questioned about what had happened with the song “For the rest of your life”, which he had promised to record with his then-fiancée.

Let’s remember that Nodal and Belinda once shared with their followers through a video that they would record a song togetherwhich would be released on February 14, however, it did not happen, since the couple announced their separation two days before.

Christian Nodal and Belinda boasted the release of a new song
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“Now what do we do if this is serious. Love only happens once in a lifetime… I know those little eyes don’t know how to lie, that little mouth doesn’t know how to lie. Tell me if you have plans, what are you going to do for the rest of your life, for the rest of your life”, said a fragment of that song.

Christian Nodal changed Belinda for Tini

To clear all doubtsChristian Nodal revealed to his followers that said song will be recorded, but not with Belinda, but with the Argentine singer, Tini Stoessel.

Immediately, dozens of followers reacted negatively, criticizing that he released a song with another person that at the time he had said was special for telling his story with Belinda.

Christian Nodal is focused on his musical projects
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In this regard, the interpreter of “Goodbye love” answered emphatically: “I am going to tell you one thing about the songs: it is music in the end, and I am not going to waste a song that I know will mark everyoneSo I don’t understand, I mean, I understand your point, but it’s okay (***), I’m very sorry, “he mentioned.

This is how Belinda and Christian Nodal sang “For the rest of your life”