Christian Nodal, Tini Stoessel reemplazará a Belinda en tema

Christian Nodal, Tini Stoessel reemplazará a Belinda en tema

Christian Nodal would plan the launch of a whole bomb, this after he would record a song with Tini Stoessel, a “love hymn” that would have been for Belindatranscended

As recently circulated, the Sonoran singerChristian Nodal informed his followers that he would soon launch a theme that he had planned with Belinda, now it would be with nothing more and no one less than Tini Stoessel.

This upcoming collaboration could be a bit suspicious considering that the Argentine actress, singer and songwriter would have collaborated several months ago with the “play Christian Nodal” in the theme “The girl from the school” Could it be that the “SonoranAre you looking to feel closer to Beli?

“I know, those little eyes don’t know how to lie… that little mouth doesn’t know how to lie… There is only one truth and I’m going to tell you… (Belinda’s voice) That you are getting used to me telling you, that you look so much like what I dreamed”, is heard in the first verses of the song in the voice of Los Nodeli.

It is still unknown if this would be one of the reasons why the “regional mexican” chose Sebastián Yatra’s “ex-girlfriend” to interpret the melody, “For the rest of your life”, which, apparently, would release “Los Nodeli” on February 14 to celebrate the “day of love and friendship”.

It would be the “composer” who recently anticipated it to his fans with whom he lived in a dynamic of questions and answers on the Twitch platform.

At one point, one of the followers of the interpreter of hits like “Goodbye Love“, “They didn’t tell you wrong”, “Here below”, among many others.

Christian, tell me if “For the rest of your life” is going to come out, to which Nodal bluntly replied: “Yes, it’s going to come out, but with Tini.”

What surprised many while others on the contrary, the news hit them like a “bombshell” and they began to express negative comments: “I thought you were more mature and that you would not do anything with that song.”

It should be remembered that since the man born on January 11, 1999 “confirmed the break with”Buy“On February 14 in an Instagram post, the singer’s fans have not stopped showing their outrage at her behavior, so today the “originally from Caborca” would not be spared from criticism.

However, as has also happened on several occasions, Christian Jesús González Nodal would not sit idly by and thus responded:

I’m going to tell you one thing about the songs, it’s music in the end, and I’m not going to waste a song that I know will mark everyone, he commented.

To conclude, the highlighted with “latin grammy awards“, Billboard and Dos Premios Lo Nuestro, ended up attacking the “haters”

So I don’t understand, I mean, I understand your point but I don’t care, I’m so sorry,

It is not the first time that Silvia Christina Nodal’s son ends up confronting users on social networks and on this occasion he made it clear that he has decided to completely leave his past behind with the “naturalized Spanish”.

Christian Nodal will record with Tini Stoessel the song that would be his love anthem with Belinda A little over two months after Christian Nodal confirmed his breakup with Belinda, now the Mexican singer-songwriter revealed news that surprised the followers of the Spanish interpreter.

While they were a couple, the so-called Nodeli had so many plans to collaborate in their musical career, and proof of this were some songs that came to light, such as ‘For the rest of your life’, a song that they would supposedly release on the 14th of February to make it his love anthem.

After his sentimental breakup, many considered that this single would not be officially released; However, while living with his fans on the Twitch platform, Christian confirmed that he will soon release the song with another singer.

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