Cine Colombia ofrece un pasaporte exclusivo para vacunados | Cine y arte

Until next November 30, film lovers in the country will be able to obtain the passport Your dose of entertainment 2021 with which Cine Colombia offers various benefits to its clients, who will be able to acquire it simply by presenting the vaccination certificate together with the identity document at any of the Cinema Colombia Multiplex box offices.

In addition to the documentation required to be able to acquire it, the client must be vaccinated, with at least one dose against covid 19 and it will only be delivered through the purchase process at the box office in person. The value of each passport is 45,000 pesos and there are currently about 50,000 units available. If you qualify, you can purchase one of these every seven days:

1. Five bonuses to redeem for an admission ticket to any movie, without time restrictions.

2. Five vouchers to be able to acquire, with each one of these, a combo of popcorn, a drink, a hot dog and a Kit-Kat candy, in the confectioneries of any Cine Colombia Multiplex.

In addition, you can redeem one or more of the vouchers that you have in the same function by presenting your ID or identification document. Finally, Cine Colombia clarifies that the passport is personal and non-transferable, so its resale is prohibited.