Cine Colombia tiene aval de la Alcaldía de Bogotá para abrir el autocine de Unicentro

Cine Colombia tiene aval de la Alcaldía de Bogotá para abrir el autocine de Unicentro

Taken from Twitter

Photo: Taken from Twitter

A few weeks ago, Cine Colombia had announced the drive-in project in the parking lot of the Unicentro shopping center, with the aim that citizens could continue enjoying the seventh art during the pandemic, but until this Thursday, the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, told them notified that, since there is a better epidemiological situation in that area of ​​Usaquén, they could move forward with the Unicentro drive-in pilot with the biosafety protocols agreed upon with the Ministry of Health and the District Secretary of Economic Development.

It is noteworthy that they closed their 46 multiplexes with 338 screens spread over 17 cities, due to the measures adopted by the government for more than two months. Thus, the company looked for other alternatives to continue bringing cinema to Colombians, which is why it launched the CINECO/PLUS platform in which movie lovers can enjoy new titles every week.

“Dear Claudia: I have always understood your commitment to Bogotá and the reason why you have been so careful with the gradual opening. I appreciate the trust placed in Cine Colombia. We will confirm with you that everything is in order before proceeding, ”said Munir Falah, president and CEO of Cine Colombia, through his Twitter account.

The service would be provided in the parking lot of the Unicentro Shopping Center that has an area of ​​3,500 square meters and could enter 110 vehicles to enjoy the best of the international and national seventh art. In this place, actions will be carried out such as disinfection of the cars that enter and there will be a distance of five meters between each one.

Additionally, upon entering the user would be given an FM radio frequency so that they can listen to the sound of the film that will be projected on the big screen and only a maximum of four people will be allowed to enter, each one must have their respective mask.

“I want to specify a technical issue that most do not have to know about. A drive-in cinema set up as it should be requires a projector authorized by Hollywood studios. The specification is called “DCI Compliance”. There are only three brands in the world,” Falah explained.

Among the services that they will offer is the confectionery, as well as the entrance to bathrooms, for which the biosecurity protocol will be arranged and applied. Additionally, the ticket office will be sold virtually at

“The concept of the drive-in theater in these circumstances is the healthiest and safest form of entertainment outside the home that can exist,” said Falah.

This project is part of the new alternatives of Cine Colombia, which has stopped receiving around 2.7 million viewers in its theaters per month due to the pandemic. The company hopes to open two more spaces in Bogotá, one in Cali and another in Medellín.

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