Ciudades del mundo donde un viaje de Uber es más caro

  • In 2021, Uber recorded around US$17.5 billion in net revenue.

  • The platform has around 93 million monthly users worldwide.

  • The technology company is available in 69 countries and more than 900 cities.

Service applications like Uber have become essential in the daily life of many people. Given this, a new study revealed which are the cities in the world where an Uber trip is more expensive.

The popularity of Uber in many countries of the world is indisputable, That is why, according to the company’s own data, it generated around 17.5 billion US dollars in net income in 2021. The report explains that the mobile transport network company has around 93 million monthly users worldwide.

Ubers in New York are the most expensive in the US

It has recently emerged that travel andn Uber in New York City are getting super expensive. According to the study carried out by NetCredit, Uber users across the five boroughs they have to shell out an average of $34.74 for a 6.2-mile trip, which makes the Big Apple the most expensive city to travel to in the United States.

This study occurs when Uber has increased prices around the world, where according to data from its own report, the technology company is available in 69 countries and more than 900 cities.

The report mentioned that these increases are due to the increase in gasoline prices thanks to the economic crisis that exists worldwide and also the persistent shortage of drivers. Another relevant fact is that New York also has a minimum wage for drivers and a congestion surcharge policy that probably contributes to the high rates registered.

In this sense, NetCredit highlights that after New York, the city of Nashville in Tennessee ranks second at $34.63 for the same trip, followed by Denver in Colorado at $33.91, Seattle in Washington at $32.63 and Baltimore in Maryland at $27.27.

The study looked at 6.2-mile runs because they are the equivalent of 10 kilometers. Where the 30 largest US cities evaluated in the study, Texas had some of the most affordable travel, where the average 6.2-mile commute in El Paso was just $12.56, while identical rides were $13.00 in Fort Worth, $17.87 in Dallas, $13.52 in Houston and $23.92 in Austin.

Rates in other countries

For its part, the report also revealed which are the countries in the world where travel is the most expensive, where the capital of Switzerland, Bern, had the most expensive 10km runs at a whopping $42.80, followed by Oslo, Norway, at $32.17; Tokyo, Japan at $30.84; Paris, France at $28.89; and Dublin, Ireland at $28.58.

While the Pakistani capital of Islamabad had the cheapest trips in the world at just $1.39, followed by Nigeria’s Abuja at $2.45, India’s New Delhi at $2.47, Sri Lanka’s Colombo at $3.02 and Costa Rica’s San Jose at $3.34.

Given this study, Uber did not immediately respond to the request for a position from the US media. they requested. Recall that in May, Uber surprisingly said it planned to add taxis to its app in New York City. Customers will pay roughly the same amount for taxi rides as for standard Uber rides.

This type of study can often be valuable information for consumers themselves, who can evaluate and compare with other brands in the same branch and use the one that best suits them.

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