Claret Swimwear: Un infaltable para lucir en vacaciones

Claret Swimwear: Un infaltable para lucir en vacaciones

The Guyanese swimwear brand combines classic style with current trends. In its catalog you can see unicolor models, prints, high cuts and sarongs to combine.

Santiago Yazigi / Maria Jose Vivas | It is a recognized brand of swimwear with nine years from Ciudad Guayana to the world

Marianne Morillo is constantly inspired. All the places she visits, the environment that surrounds her, her memories, magazines, social networks of models that are in trend, together with her classic tastes, are the perfect fusion for Claret Swimwear: A swimwear brand with nine years of history. Guayana city for the world.

In 2013, Marianne and a friend decided that the August vacation was an opportunity to design swimsuits to sell, and Sunset was born. Later, both undertook with the same heading and different names; thus Claret was born.

“It went well for us and I discovered that I do like it, I am passionate about it and I kept it,” says this dreamer.

12 significant collections

For almost a decade he has released about 12 collections, including the current one.

Of all of them, the one from two years ago is the most significant: I was undergoing chemotherapy at the photo shoot. Thank God, a chapter is over for this content creator, who made the necessary changes for a better lifestyle.

“You realize that you are capable, despite the bad things that happen, that’s why it’s the most important on a personal level,” he admits.

However, Claret’s mastermind confesses that this current collection is his favorite because of all the adjustments he has been able to make to perfect it and please his clientele.

The swimsuits are made by size, but they are also designed to suit the client’s needs. “I can mix sizes for customer convenience,” she adds.

Marianne is behind the entire Claret process, creative, visual, design and sales. She is one of those entrepreneurs who shows her product when using it and can be seen modeling her brand on social networks.

get yours

Regularly, at Claret they make to order and are currently working on always having pieces available for the customer who wants them immediately. Also, they can be personalized, combining models, colors and sizes.

Your Instagram account It serves as a catalog for those who wish to order theirs for the Easter season.

Instagram: @claretswimwear

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