¿Colombia puede ir al Mundial si es sancionada Ecuador? Esto dice el reglamento de la FIFA

The stay of the Ecuadorian National Team in the 2022 Qatar World Cup remains an uncertainty after the pronouncement of the highest soccer body, the International Federation of Associated Soccer (FIFA), for the Byron Castillo case.

The announcement was made in the early hours of last Wednesday, and it indicated “to open disciplinary procedures in relation to the possible breach of Byron David Castillo Segura”, after the accusation of the Chilean Federation for alleged false nationality.

This sports entity filed a complaint with FIFA against its counterpart in Ecuador for the “use of birth certificate, false declaration of age and nationality” of the player Byron Castillo, who would have been born in Colombia.

Byron Castillo from Ecuador – Photo: Getty Images

In Colombia, even so they do not give much importance to the issue, there is the possibility of advancing to Qatar 2022, in accordance with FIFA regulations. In the event that those led by Gustavo Alfaro are excluded, it would be opened, depending on how they apply the regulation, That leaves a couple of alternatives.

This says the regulation

According to the FIFA Disciplinary Code, in its article 21, which talks about the falsification of documents, it is argued that “federations or clubs may be held liable for the falsification of documents committed by their officials and/or players”.

Following this, in article 22, it is established that “In the event that a player participates in a competition without being summoned, FIFA’s judicial bodiesensuring the integrity of the competition in question, may impose disciplinary measuresincluding defeat by withdrawal or resignation, or exclude the club or association from another competition, as they see fit”.

In that order of ideas, there is not a single possibility that a particular selection should keep the direct quota. If FIFA applies the rules, the nation that would go directly would be Peru, as it is the next in the table, while Colombia would go to the playoffs.

Another selection remains pending

Given this new revelation by the highest soccer regulator, in another country totally oblivious to this mess, they are waiting for what may happen. This is Italy, a European team that could not advance to the orbital event after being eliminated in the playoffs at the hands of North Macedonia.

A great stir has been generated by the possible presence of the Azure in Qatar, after the portal transfer market reported that if the expulsion of Ecuador from the World Cup is confirmed, it is not defined that Chile would be the country to replace it, and for the Italian press they would have to be the ones to occupy that place.

“A sanction of this type would lead to the fifa to have to elect a replacement ex officio and, although Chile’s protest is aimed at officially promoting its team to the World Cup without going through the day of playoffs scheduled for June (and that the presence of Peru would be confirmed), the election could be different because the Disciplinary Commission could simply promote the highest-ranking Federation that is left out of the qualifiers today, “they assured.

“Today the team that did not qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup highest in the classification it is Italy, which looks at the evolution of history as an interested spectator”, pointed out this medium.

Italy's Marco Verratti controls the ball during the World Cup qualifying soccer match between Italy and North Macedonia, at the Renzo Barbera stadium, in Palermo, Italy, Thursday, March 24, 2022. (AP/ Antonio Calani)
Italy, Marco Verratti. – Photo: AP / Antonio Calanni

For now, FIFA will have time to define this controversial case. If there is a sanction against Ecuador, the table of positions would change, since the tricolor would remain in the last box after losing 13 points.